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The Young Ones

1982 • bbc
492 reviews

Season 1 episodes (6)

1 Demolition
Depressed hippie Neil plans on killing himself, while Rick, Mike and Vyvyan ignore him. The council plans on demolishing the house, but Vyvyan is doing his best to save them the bother by doing it himself, while Mike tries to seduce the female council representative.
2 Oil
Vyvyan locates oil in the basement and instantly forms a coalition with Mike to take command of the house (and oil) and Mike discovers Buddy Holly in his new room.
3 Boring
Despite a terrorist siege in their house, a visitation from a dwarf from Hell, skating vegetables in the sink and card-playing mice, the Young Ones are so bored that Neil is driven to dig himself a grave and Vyv chops his finger off.
Contains language that some may find offensive.
4 Bomb
An atomic bomb falls through the roof and blocks the fridge. Mike plans to sell it to the highest bidder, while Neil paints himself white to deflect a nuclear blast and the TV licence man calls.
5 Interesting
It's party-time! Where else can you mingle with the four horsemen of the Apocalypse, a giant sandwich, a singing tomato and Santa? Rick desperately tries to impress his favourite lecturer, Mike pulls a literal fairytale princess, Vyvyan's fellow punks start a riot, and Neil gets beaten up.
6 Flood
During heavy rains, London floods and the Young Ones are trapped in the house. When they embark on a game of hide-and-seek to pass the time, Mike finds a lion tamer in his bedroom and Vyvyan hides in wardrobe and enters Narnia. But the sharks at the window and the arson attack on Rick's bedroom pale into insignificance when their landlord Jerzei Balowski turns into a homicidal, axe-wielding maniac.

About this show

Loud, anarchic, surreal, juvenile and - most of all - outrageously funny comedy featuring the lunatic exploits of four students of Scumbag College; Vyv, the punk; socially aware and politically conscious Rik; Neil, the hippy; and Mike, the well-dressed smoothie. They share a dilapidated house in North London owned by their dodgy landlord Jerzy Balowski. They are the least compatible housemates it is possible to imagine and, when they are not tearing pieces out of each other, they manage to get involved in the most bizarre of comic escapades.

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492 reviews
September 14, 2016
Five stars for the show, but the original "hard" video look appears to have been de-interlaced for this digital version. Looks too soft and fuzzy to me.
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Darius Zur
July 29, 2014
If only chaos could be this funny again. 4 misfits, 4 agendas and in between an appearance on University Challenge. Add to this mad cocktail bands playing live in the living room and you have the perfect recipe for 30mins of laughter.
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jamie newcombe
July 3, 2014
Well funny and cant be replaced there so fun, only bad point its very low pitcher shame
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