The Flight Attendant

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Season 1 episodes (8)

1 In Case of Emergency
When flight attendant Cassie Bowden meets handsome, beguiling passenger Alex Sokolov on the way to Bangkok, she decides to spend an extravagant, very drunk night with him. But when she wakes up the next morning beside a dead body - and with no memory of what happened - Cassie fights to keep her wits about her long enough to make it back to New York, where more trouble looms.
2 Rabbits
Rattled by her own lies and under pressure from the FBI, Cassie goes against her lawyer best friend Annie’s advice to lay low and tries to track down Alex’s mysterious business associate Miranda - with bizarre and shocking results. After an unsettling meeting with Agents Hammond and White, Cassie meets the easy-going Buckley on a night out to forget her troubles.
3 Funeralia
Upon landing in Rome, Cassie deals with her sudden feelings of loss, and Megan confesses that she has secrets of her own. Back in New York, Cassie doubles down on finding Miranda by unceremoniously crashing Alex’s memorial service. Searching for intel on the Sokolovs, Annie ambushes Alex’s former colleague Sabrina and calls in a favor with a client.
4 Conspiracy Theories
After literally piecing together evidence from Alex’s family home, Cassie follows the paper trail to a private jet service. But she also has to juggle a visit from her brother Davey and his family, unearthing more of her ‘unconventional’ childhood.
5 Other People's Houses
With fresh trauma, Annie’s job on the line, and the FBI closing in, Cassie enlists Max in a plan that involves breaking and entering, computer fraud, too much vodka, and a Hello Kitty flash drive. Meanwhile, Annie’s work life goes very dark.
6 After Dark
Reeling from a major fallout with Annie - and running from anything related to Alex - Cassie brings Buckley along for an alcohol-fueled escapade that ends in a meltdown. Meanwhile, Megan embarks on a clandestine mission, and, amid mounting pressure from her co-conspirators, Miranda continues to hunt Cassie down.
7 Hitchcock Double
Cassie is forced to work with a surprising new ally as she reconsiders all that's happened since Bangkok. Meanwhile, Megan's life begins to implode when her husband faces consequences for her actions.
8 Arrivals and Departures
After the shocking reveal of Alex’s killer, Cassie and a surprising new ally devise a plan to fix everything that unfolds disastrously in Rome. But Cassie, finally clear-eyed, won’t let things go south. Meanwhile, Annie gives the FBI evidence and Megan comes clean.

About this show

When a flight attendant wakes up in the wrong hotel, in the wrong bed, with a dead man and no idea what happened — her entire life changes in one night. Starring Kaley Cuoco as Cassie Bowden, THE FLIGHT ATTENDANT is a dark comedic thriller based on the novel by New York Times best-selling author Chris Bohjalian.

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