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1990 • NBC
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Season 1 episodes (22)

1 Prescription For Death
Howard Morton files murder charges with Det. Max Greevey and Det. Mike Logan against Dr. Eqbal Raza, a resident at Urban Medical Center, for the death of his daughter Suzanne. He had taken his daughter, who was suffering from bronchitis, to the emergency room to fill a prescription when she went into cardiac arrest. Greevey and Logan are initially wary of Morton's accusations until they are told three different stories by the doctors who treated Suzanne, and the detectives realize someone is not telling the truth...
2 Subterranean Homeboy Blues
Greevey and Logan investigate the shooting in a crowded subway of Darnell Chenault and Michael Jones, two young black men. The shooter is described as a young woman, who looks like a ballerina, and that the men threatened her with a screwdriver. Though she is glorified in the press as the "Avenging Angel," when one of the men dies, the D.A. becomes intent on prosecuting her to the full extent of the law as a means to discourage future vigilantism.
3 The Reaper's Helper
Bobby Holland is found dead in his apartment from a gunshot wound to the head. Bobby Holland was gay. The circumstances in the case, such as the bullet wound and the torn up apartment, remind Greevey of two previous killings in San Francisco and Los Angeles. Further investigation leads them to Jack Curry, a man who claims to help terminal AIDS victims end their lives while staging fake robberies to help save face for the victim's conservative families. Now it is up to Stone and Robinette to determine if, by targeting gay men with AIDS, Curry is acting out of mercy or hate.
4 Kiss the Girls and Make them Die
Dets. Logan and Greevey investigate the brutal beating of Paige Bartlett, a beautiful young woman from an upper class family. They visit her ex-roommate and friend, Polly, who divulges that Paige had broken up with a long-time boyfriend, and recently started dating a man below her social register. After Polly dies in the hospital, the medical examiner reports that Paige had sexual intercourse with two different men the day she was attacked. One, her lower-class current boyfriend, the other her ex, Ned Loomis, who hails from an upper crust Manhattan family and makes for an unlikely murder suspect. Or does he?
5 Happily Ever After
A wealthy couple, Alan and Janet Ralston, return home after a party. As they enter the parking garage, a young black man, Willie Tivnan, slips in behind them. Outside on the street several people hear a shot then two more. Detectives Greevey and Logan soon appear and discover Alan Ralston dead, his wallet missing, Janet wounded, and her purse missing. The only witness to have seen Tivnan is a drunk. At the precinct, he identifies Tivnan's photo twice. It seems to be an open-shut case, but this is just the beginning...
6 Everybody's Favorite Bagman
Det. Sgt. Max Greevey and his partner Det. Mike Logan are called to the scene where Councilman Halsey was robbed and his throat was slashed. Halsey is barely alive and is rushed to the hospital. While checking through Halsey's impounded car, Logan and Greevey find a lynx coat in the trunk. They track the coat to Kornbluth Furs where Nat Swersky nervously tells them the coat was for Tony Scalisi, and Scalisi works for Masucci, the mob kingpin. Greevey and Logan then venture down a dangerous path, eventually linking the politician to the murky world of organized crime.
7 By Hooker, By Crook
Irv Diamond is found in the park, half-dead from a coronary and a blow to the head. In the hotel room which was occupied by Diamond, Greevey and Logan find a listing for an escort service. Apparently, Diamond spent time that evening with Jolene, a beautiful, farm girl type, who worked for Messilina Enterprises and Poppy Catering. After meeting Jolene, Greevey and Logan discover she is just the tip of the iceberg, and that they have stumbled onto something far more sinister than a simple escort service.
8 Poison Ivy
Det. Logan and Det. Greevey investigate the shooting of a teenager named Tommy Richardson by Police Officer Freddo Parisi following a supposed drug sale. Tommy was found with $3,000 in cash and a .357 Magnum in his hand. There is outrage on behalf of the black community and Reverend Thayer because Tommy was an honors student at Princeton College who also lectured against drugs at his old high school. The officer charged with the murder insists Tommy isn't as innocent as people think. But the proceeding investigation reveals that everyone involved seems to have secrets.
9 Indifference
Six-year-old Didi Lowenstein is rushed to the hospital with dried blood on her head. Detectives Greevey and Logan are summoned to an Upper West Side elementary school. Their investigation into why Didi is comatose leads to charges against her mother Carla, a battered wife and cocaine addict and her father, Dr. Jacob Lowenstein, a psychiatric therapist. Neither mother nor father paints a clear picture of the nature of the abuse nor who is most responsible. Anxious to prosecute, both Prosecutors Stone and Robinette realize that "the truth will come out only if one of the parents turns against the other."
10 Prisoner of Love
Logan and Greevey investigate the supposed suicide-hanging of the photographer-artist Victor More. Greevey is stunned to learn that More died as a result of asphyxiation during a state of sexual arousal. More's photographs and sculptures depict sado-masochistic sexual forays. They are unable to receive full information from his wife, Sondra, who can't admit her husband was bi-sexual. However, his daughter, Sintra, is convinced that her father was murdered.
11 Out Of The Half-Light
Detectives Greevey and Logan investigate the alleged rape of Astrea Crawford, a sixteen-year-old black girl, found shivering near a trash dumpster with obscenities scrawled on her face and body. Astrea refuses to talk, but scrawls on paper that two white cops raped her. A storm brews as the city explodes with racial tension. But when the rape test results come back negative, Greevey and Logan know the rape victim is hiding something, and they soon suspect that her accusations are being manipulated by those with secret political intentions.
12 Life Choice
When a young woman is killed in a bombing at the Chelsea Women's Choices Center, Detectives Greevey and Logan find themselves on opposite sides of the highly personal and controversial issue of abortion. The woman, who was carrying false identification, is eventually identified as Mary Donovan, a teacher at the St. Aloysius School. Greevey and Logan find a pamphlet in Mary's car from the pro-life group known as Women For Life headed by Rose Schwimmer. The initial assumption is that Mary carried the bomb into the center and was unaware of the crude bomb's volatile nature. Posters are immediately printed by The Women For Life group depicting Mary as a martyr who gave up her life for their cause. Greevey and Logan, however, suspect that this is not the whole story.
13 A Death in the Family
Greevey and Logan are out on a routine investigation when a man named Ramos is thrown out of a window. Officers Rennick and Sandoval are already on the scene. Greevey sends them upstairs, gunshots are heard, and Officer Rennick is killed. Greevey and Logan try to retrace the steps of the crime, and subsequently discover that they stumbled onto more than they thought.
14 The Violence of Summer
Greevey and Logan are out on a routine investigation when a man named Ramos is thrown out of a window. Officers Rennick and Sandoval are already on the scene. Greevey sends them upstairs, gunshots are heard, and Officer Rennick is killed. Greevey and Logan try to retrace the steps of the crime, and subsequently discover that they stumbled onto more than they thought.
15 The Torrents of Greed, Part I
Part 1 of 2. Two policemen, Finkle and Mahoney, stumble upon an almost dead Isaac Skolnik, an elderly Russian man, in the candy store which he owns. At first it seems that it is just a petty robbery gone horribly wrong, until Logan and Greevey dig deeper and find that the candy store was the site of a much larger crime network.
16 The Torrents of Greed, Part 2
Part 2 of 2. Asst. D.A. Ben Stone is not satisfied when defendants Joe Pilefsky and Maria Zalta are found guilty of assault for attacking Isaac Skolnik since crime boss Frank Masucci was not convicted. He plans to continue to hound Masucci until he makes a mistake that will put him away. When Robinette persuades a judge to allow a wiretap of Masucci's associate Harv Beigel, events unfold that may allow the D.A.s to achieve their goal of serving justice.
17 Mushrooms
A baby has been killed and his twelve-year-old brother Gregory has been shot. Detectives Greevey and Logan believe that there must be a connection with the older brother and drugs. Returning to the scene of the crime, they find a gun in the boy's room, meant supposedly for protection. Tonel Otten, who was outside at the time of the shooting, gives Logan and Greevey a tip that leads them directly to a disturbing cartel of child gangsters and drug dealers.
18 The Secret Sharers
When Jose Urbano is shot to death, Detectives Greevey and Logan's investigation is blocked by uncooperative witnesses. But eventually they track down Alicia Rivers, who was seen with Urbano at the church carnival. The gun found at the scene is then traced to Anna Rivers, Alicia's mother, who admits that the gun had been stolen from her Salsa club. Greevey and Logan then find out that Alicia's sister Lucy is in the hospital suffering from a severe beating. Neither the family nor the parish priest, Father Torres, will allow a rape test for Lucy. Greevey is convinced that Urbano raped Lucy, and Nicky Guman, Lucy's boyfriend, avenged the act -- but the family is intent that no one discover the truth of what happened.
19 The Serpent's Tooth
Karl Jarmon and his wife Evelyn are brutally gunned down in their home, and all clues lead to their two teenage sons, Greg and Nick Jarmon. Greevey and Logan uncover the dark family secret that Jarmon beat his sons daily. On one occasion, Nick found his father beating Greg and he in turn hit his father in the jaw. It is determined that Mrs. Jarmon was too frightened to stop her husband's attacks. It is also learned that Jarmon had the dean of the college send personal updates on Greg's scholastic progress. The dean confirms that Jarmon was abusive and demeaning. All signs point to the boys as the gunmen, except Logan cannot buy the fact that the sons would have also murdered their mother...
20 The Troubles
Detectives Greevey and Logan enter the world of international terrorism when they investigate the murder of Mohammed Mustafa, a Lebanese drug smuggler and gun runner. The suspects are Savino Montez, a Cuban drug dealer, and Ian O'Connell, an IRA soldier. But connecting them to the murder proves difficult, particularly for Logan, who is forced to confront his own cultural bias and sympathy towards the Irish suspect.
21 Sonata For Solo Organ
Drew MacDaniel is found semi-conscious with internal bleeding in Central Park. Following corrective surgery, Detectives Greevey and Logan are informed that MacDaniel had a kidney removed. The renal vein was not tied properly, and if MacDaniel had not been found, he would have bled to death. What baffles Logan and Greevey is that MacDaniel swears he is in perfect health and never had surgery. Greevey and Logan meet with Teresa Franz at the Organ Transplant Network Office and discover very interesting news. They have no record of a kidney delivery to Grammercy Hospital, despite the fact that Dr. Reberty performed an organ transplant on a woman named Joanna Woodleigh that same day.
22 The Blue Wall
Asst. D.A. Stone is angered when incriminating evidence on a computer disc is erased, destroying his case against George Bakewell, Arthur Vickery, and Jim Grierson of the Manhattan Mercantile Bank. He is convinced that someone in the New York City Police Department altered the evidence, and an Internal Affairs investigation is put into action. Detectives Greevey and Logan agree to investigate behind the scenes to help Captain Cragen, who has become IAD's prime target.

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In the criminal justice system the people are represented by two separate yet equally important groups: the police who investigate crime and the district attorneys who prosecute the offenders. These are their stories. From Emmy-winning creator Dick Wolf, with its groundbreaking "ripped-from-the-headlines" format, comes the highly-acclaimed, longest-running crime series in television history.

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1.27K reviews
A Google user
February 4, 2019
l never missed the show and fell in love with Sam Waterston. To this day I watch the reruns every Sunday and Tuesday on the WE Channel. To this day I miss Jerry Orbach. l started watching TV at the get go with a 9 inch screen and Kate Smith sang God Bless A America. I feel like I know a good Television Show. Sincerely Linda
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Grant Bogart
August 10, 2019
From what I've seen on the Internet, Google Play (or YouTube, depending on where you watch it) has the highest-quality copies of Law and Order seasons one and two, for the United States. If you're in the US, as of the time of this posting, iTunes will only provide you with sub-par 580p copies in a 16:9 format for both series. Season two on this site is provided in a 4:3 format, but it is a fair trade-off for the 1440x1080 resolution. Now we just need the rest of the show, i.e. seasons 3-15. You can't get them anywhere in the States. You'd have to purchase the antiquated DVD boxset. People in Europe and Australia, for some licensing reason unbeknownst to me, can purchase *every* season of Law and Order in widescreen 1080p quality via iTunes. Why is an American television program easier to watch abroad than at home? It makes no sense.
57 people found this review helpful
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Jacquelyn Moore
September 12, 2015
Been watching this show since I was in Jr. High/ High School 🏫!! Show started can't remember exactly I think it was 1989 or 1990 wish I go back in time ! Law and Order will always be favorite show!!!
33 people found this review helpful
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