Crossing Lines

2014 • NBC
70 reviews
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Season 1 episodes (10)

1 Pilot- Part I
A multinational police team is created to combat Europe's rising cross-border crimes. And their first case is an invisible cross-border killer...
2 Pilot- Part II
The team has solid evidence about the killer, and even a name -- but the clock is ticking. He's abducted one of our own, and plans to make her his next victim.
3 The Terminator
The ICC team has gained recognition, cross-border authority and even an office of their own. Now they must track down a gang of thieves who use deadly radioactive polonium as a weapon.
4 Long -Haul Predators
An abandoned car in Poland and a body found in Germany involves the team in a brutal fight club. The only way to crack it will be to risk becoming its victims.
5 Special Ops- Part 1
The ICC team must solve the latest in a chain of deadly kidnappings before the ruthless criminals not only kill their victim but endanger Dorn's life as well.
6 Special Ops- Part II
Maxim Marianski is still in the hands of his kidnappers as Louis suspects Russian mobster, Dimitrov, is involved. But Hickman has his own idea of who's behind it.
7 The Animals
A deadly bank robbery in The Hague traps one of the ICC team members inside with a gang of ruthless killers and threatens to ensnare another in the crime beneath the crime -- a jailbreak.
8 Desperation and Desperados
The ICC team sets out to stop a revenge-fueled cross-border killing spree sparked by the theft of drugs and cash from an Italian crimelord and the kidnapping of his innocent daughter
9 New Scars and Old Wounds- Part I
Anne-Marie is missing, Sebastian's computer has been hacked, Hickman is framed for murder. It looks like the bad guys are somehow staying one step ahead of the team.
10 New Scars and Old Wounds- Part II
With Hickman's nemesis Genovese in handcuffs, things are looking up for the team. Then Louis disappears, and Dimitrov finally presents a deadly ultimatum.

About this show

Crossing Lines is a unique, global action/crime series.  Set in exciting and exotic locations this series taps into the charter of the International Criminal Court (ICC) to mandate a special crime unit to investigate serialized crimes that cross over borders, hunt down criminals and bring them to justice... a global FBI is born.

Ratings and reviews

70 reviews
Juan Morelli
March 11, 2015
The technology they use to virtualize crime scene is plain dumb. Love stories while chasing a suspect is dumb. Good cop hooked on morphine and crying because hand hurts is dumb.
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Will Mason
October 26, 2015
Incredible story lines, acting and writing. It's refreshing to finally see a smart police (ICC) drama that spans international borders. The actors are genius in their depth of character.
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Melissa Pegues
August 19, 2019
I love this show. I came across it on Amazon Prime. Binged season 1 in 2 days. The entire cast is great, so why the change? Disappointed about cast changes! Not the same.
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