The Quest

2014 • ABC
97 reviews
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Season 1 episodes (10)

1 Begins
A genre-bending new reality series unlike anything else on television, "The Quest," combines harrowing and intense competition challenges, narrative storytelling and cutting edge special effects and prosthetics to conjure an immersive fantasy environment. 12 real people, pulled from their everyday lives, are transported to a fantasy world where they are declared Paladins, defenders of a noble cause. The Paladins must compete to save the besieged kingdom of Everealm but only one will prevail and earn the right to be called the One True Hero.
2 Tournament for the Queen
With the first Paladin banished from Everealm during the premiere episode, news comes from the battlefield that Verlox and his dark army inch ever closer to Saenctum's walls. The Paladins are called on to display their field skills under Queen Ralia's scrutiny. On horseback, the Paladins must go through a number of tasks to prepare them for battle. Who will crack under the pressure and be sent to the Fates? Who will be the next to be banished from Everealm?
3 Save the Queen
The clock is ticking for the remaining contestants (a.k.a. Paladins) of ABC's reality-based competition series as the beloved Queen Ralia's life hangs in the balance. After the Vizier exhausts his powers, only the 10 remaining Paladins can save her from certain death. A frightening forest dweller holds the key, but it is the Paladins who must rely on physical stamina, intelligence and resourcefulness to ensure the Queen's survival and ensure their own in Saenctum.
4 Battle Dome
Sir Ansgar increases pressure on the nine remaining Paladins (aka contestants) as he prepares them for the realities of war. Armed with wit, physical power or agility, each Paladin possesses unique strengths, but will they be prepared for the unexpected twist as they fight for survival? Saenctum explodes with excitement and a formidable warrior emerges, but three of the Paladins must be further tested in a bone shattering competition before the Fates.
5 Under Siege
A raid coupled with traitorous deeds threatens the safety of Everealm. Castle Saenctum is in jeopardy when there is an enemy attack on the outer walls. As danger looms, will the Paladins be prepared for the assault or must Ansgar be forced to intervene? One team will fail and must face the most grueling Fates challenge yet.
6 A Traitor in Sanctum
A spy sent from the dark army infiltrates the castle. A demanding physical challenge tests both the focus and the diligence of the Paladins. While some succeed, others are left empty handed. Patience is tested in the challenge before the Fates, ultimately leaving only six Paladins to continue the quest to be named the "One True Hero."
7 Verlox Attacks
The clock is ticking for the remaining Paladins when they find themselves under attack. The Dark Army is ready to strike and Verlox finally shows the depth of his devastating powers in "Verlox Attacks." The stakes are high and intelligence is the best defense for the six remaining Paladins and in the end, three of them must venture into enemy territory to avoid banishment.
8 The Dragon's Lair
When a dragon escapes and burns a nearby village, it's up to the five remaining Paladins to prevent yet another attack in "The Dragon's Lair." Time is a factor in this race to protect Everealm and get amnesty from the Fates. The losing Paladins discover all is not what it seems and must get dirty to save the day.
9 Escape from Rana Village
The stakes reach a new height when the Paladins are taken prisoner. They must act quickly in order to save themselves and the Queen. Ultimately, only one is safe from the Fates leading to their most emotional banishment yet. The final episode begins with only three Paladins left and Verlox's growing power. The final challenge puts the Paladins to a demanding test. After the grueling competition, the quest is complete. The celebration is short-lived.
10 One True Hero
The final challenge puts the Paladins to a demanding test. After the grueling competition, the quest is complete and "One True Hero" has emerged. The celebration is short-lived and our "Hero's" work is not finished--Verlox must be vanquished.

About this show

The Executive Producer of The Lord of the Rings has joined forces with the creators and producers of The Amazing Race to conjure a land of magic and malevolence, where mythical creatures lurk in the woods. For 12 lucky souls, a fantastic world will come alive in a unique competition series where players will engage in epic challenges.

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97 reviews
Sandy G
February 17, 2017
The experience to live one's fantasy of medieval action and skills with full complement of expert effects without any knowledge of how the story line will twist along the way.This show is based on good acts, heartfelt actions and those contestants that "play" games without morals are found out. The show offers no reward other than the full immersion experience. I can watch it over and over- which is why I purchased the season. I happily share with my grandchildren knowing they will see good action and good thoughts while attempting skill challenges.
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Daniel Beaudoin (SK8ZION)
August 30, 2015
I despise reality shows, and came into this one very skeptical. But as the show progressed, it was unlike any other. There was no animosity. Each of the contestants pushed each other to be better, and were always there to lend a helping hand. It was like each of their personal quests were to find the One True Hero even if it meant it would not be them. Their mission was to save Everrealm, not to "win." It was action-packed and moving. Great series. 5 out of 5. There needs to be a 2nd season.
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RohanRider LOTR
November 25, 2014
I'm sorry. Stick with me here. I watched every episode, though I don't know why. I know it's a reality show, but way too redundant. They should have made it so the same agenda didn't happen every day. Same old same old, u wake up. Do a mission. Get a pin. Get sent home. Come back to the palace. Something bad happens. The episode ends. You'll make me cry if you do more episodes of the quest. I will say I'm glad Lina won. Cuz she's a horse trainer. Lol. But her battling verso was very corny.
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