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Season 1 episodes (23)

1 Yankee White
While on Air Force One, a Navy Commander dies. Agents from NCIS decide to take the investigation into their own hands and also force Secret Service Agent Kate Todd to help.
2 Hung Out To Dry
During a training exercise, a marine's parachute fails to open and he crashes into a parked car where two teenagers were making out. The NCIS team heads to the scene and has to determine if the marine's death was accidental or a murder.
3 Sea Dog
When a Navy commander's body washes up on shore along with the bodies of two drug runners, Gibbs refuses to believe that the sailor who was killed was dirty.
4 The Immortals
The NCIS team investigates when a seaman's body is found at the bottom of the sea in his dress whites, with a ceremonial sword. They discover that he was addicted to a Wizards and Warriors style role-playing game.
5 The Curse
A Navy lieutenant who was reported missing nearly ten years ago has been found by a deer hunter. When the NCIS team arrives at the scene to investigate, they see that his remains have been mummified.
6 High Seas
An NCIS agent who used to work under Gibbs asks for the team's help investigating a case where sailors on an aircraft carrier are dying of a drug overdose, but have no history of any kind of drug abuse.
7 Sub Rosa
A decomposed body is discovered in a tub of acid at a naval base and Ducky and Abby learn that the victim was a submariner.
8 Minimum Security
The NCIS team head to Cuba to investigate a Navy translator's connection to smuggling at a detention center after he suddenly dies at the wheel of his car when returning to the U.S. from Guantanamo Bay.
9 Marine Down
After a marine widow receives a call from her dead husband, the NCIS team takes on the case and has to exhume the body to deduce whether the call was a prank or not.
10 Left For Dead
After being buried alive, a woman comes out of the grave with amnesia and the only thing she remembers is that there is a bomb aboard a Navy ship.
11 Eye Spy
When a Navy commander, who was a technical advisor to a civilian contractor creating a handheld sonar scanner, is found dead on the beach, the NCIS team investigates the murder using satellite technology.
12 My Other Left Foot
The NCIS team is called in when a severed leg bearing a marine tattoo is found in a trash bin, leading them to a small town where a murder scheme is afoot.
13 One Shot One Kill
The team investigates when a Marine recruitment officer is found shot to death by a sniper with a grudge, who leaves a white feather behind.
14 The Good Samaritan
The team investigates a murder with the help from a local sheriff, Charley, when they find out about similar murders of a Navy civilian employee and a pilot who was going through a nasty divorce.
15 Enigma
Gibbs risks his career when his former commanding officer is accused of stealing funds.
16 Bete Noir
A terrorist holds Ducky, Gerald and Kate hostage while the rest of the NCIS team tries to figure out how the terrorist got inside and how to get their people out safely.
17 The Truth Is Out There
When the body of a marine is found after a party in an illegal night club, the team investigates a number of possible leads - including blackmail and accidental death.
18 UnSEALed
The team is looking for an ex-SEAL who escaped from prison in search of revenge. He is determined to find the real murderer of his wife.
19 Dead Man Talking
An NCIS agent has been murdered while investigating a case and the team's job is to find out what happened.
20 Missing
A marine goes missing after a date with a reporter. During the investigation, the team discovers that three former members of his unit are dead and suspect the unit commander to be a serial killer.
21 Split Decision
When a body of a murdered marine is found in the forest, the investigation leads to the local militia and a weapon deal gone wrong.
22 A Weak Link
Gibbs and his team investigate the death of a SEAL that occurred during a training exercise.
23 Reveille
The terrorist who previously held a part of the NCIS team hostage, returns with a plan to attack the President.

About this show

NCIS Special Agent Leroy Jethro Gibbs leads this troupe of colorful personalities. From murder and espionage to terrorism and stolen submarines, these special agents travel the globe to investigate all crimes with Navy or Marine Corps ties.

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10.2K reviews
Lois Quinones
January 18, 2015
Best show on TV, period. I'm retired military, medical, and I've actually worked with my own personal "Ducky" M.E. so the character isn't a hard sale for me, just a nice reminder of times gone by. Although I never knew the investigation side of things, the rest of the cast live up to the part. I've followed the series since it's initial episode aired on TV, but was already a fan of (Leroy Jethro Gibbs) Mark Harmon, and (Anthony DiNozzo) Michael Weatherly. So, sending much love from the Sunshine State, to all the cast of characters from all the NCIS series, past (you are missed, but your work on the show I'm sure will only help your career) and present. I watch all the NCIS I can :-)
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Brian S
March 2, 2017
I have followed the show since the beginning but I'm disappointed ziva and Tony are replaced with the old lady instructor and also very frustrated that they have made us watch ncis new Orleans 2 seasons in a row to see the second half of an ncis episode. They messed up making the new Orleans one and now they're making fans suffer and even pay money to watch it so we can finish the second half of our show....its wrong if new Orleans can't get enough views then can it don't continue ncis on ncis new orleans! You don't see SVU making fans watch criminal intent to finish the story line. Also why do we have to wait so long with the season pass I'm still waiting for last night's episode almost 24hrs later?!?
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Grace Johnson
August 11, 2015
I only started watching this amazing show halfway through season 9. A lot of people probably wonder, "Why start there? Why couldn't you start at season 10?" Well, my mother was watching it, and one night I sat down and watched it. At first, I only watched it because I liked the characters, even though I didn't understand what was going on. But then, I started to be able to follow along, and make the occasional correct prediction on what was going to happen. I began to see all of the characters as a family, and the chemistry they had between each other. In fact, by the season finale of season 9, I was able to follow along, and was shocked by the ending. I believe that season 10 was the saddest seasons of all times, with multiple emotional episodes. Season 11 was okay, there were really no major events. And then you watch season 12 finale, and you're thinking, oh my gosh. September 22 cannot come fast enough. In fact, I couldn't help myself after seeing something on facebook to look up spoilers. Yeah, yeah, yeah, why would I do such a thing. To answer any questions, I have done research, watched clips on youtube, and earlier episodes on TV. So I am fully aware of the past.
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