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2007 • ITV
563 reviews
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Season 1 episodes (6)

1 Episode 1
Ageing swingers Donald and Jacqueline Stewart return to the hotel for another holiday and meet the new guests. There's the Garvey family, whose teenage daughter Chantelle is hiding a secret, newly married Kat and Martin, gay couple Troy and Gavin, and middle-aged Geoffrey with his mother, who he likes to call his PA.Everyone comes together for dinner and an evening of "quality" entertainment at Neptune's bar, but Chantelle brings the evening to a premature close when she collapses doing a Karaoke number and Janice finds out she is pregnant.
2 Episode 2
Martin and Kate set off for a trip into the town centre, but the outing ends in disaster when they keep taking wrong turns. Meanwhile, everyone seems to be worried about Chantelle's pregnancy - except Madge, who's convinced it's a deliberate attempt to ruin her holiday. Geoff tries to break a world record and Gavin and Troy are left open-mouthed at the evening's entertainment at Neptune's.
3 Episode 3
Janice finally comes to terms with Chantelle's pregnancy and begins to bond with her daughter. Donald and Jacqueline try to hide their worries when Kelly announces her engagement to Mateo though it seems their fears may be rooted in reality. All-day sunbather Madge struggles to understand the risk she is taking and Geoff does a duet with his mother at the karaoke.
4 Episode 4
Madge gives the wrong impression to Donald and Jacqueline, resulting in an awkward bedroom encounter. After an amazing night Martin feels like his marriage is back on track, but Kate can't remember any of it. Troy gets rather drunk and starts flirting with Mateo. And at Neptune's Janice becomes suspicious of a woman who Mick met earlier.
5 Episode 5
Mick forces his family to enter a pub quiz with a big cash prize, and is shocked to win the money. A furious Oracle demands a recount - and turns nasty when his request is refused. Madge fails to keep quiet after Kate tells her about Martin's infertility, and Donald tries to reassure Gavin about Troy.
6 Episode 6
The Garveys have a trip to the beach, where a cash-strapped Mick falls victim to a con, and later receives even worse news from a mystery photographer. Kate is scarred for life by an incident in the swimming pool and Martin tells her he thinks her fling with Mateo has livened up their relationship. And Geoff decides it's time he stopped going on holiday with his mum.

About this show

Comedy series set in the Solana all-inclusive Resort following the regulars and first-time holiday makers on their journeys abroad. Despite their disparate backgrounds they all have one thing in common - a quest for getting value for money. With dysfunctional families, middle-aged swingers and bickering couples it's sure to be a holiday they'll never forget. Starring Johnny Vegas and Steve Pemberton.

Ratings and reviews

563 reviews
Michael Harper
June 7, 2019
The writing is brilliant. I get something more out of each viewing. We watch one of the 60 or so episodes every night, before bed. have done so since series one, 10 or so years ago. Only difference is that now it takes two months to get back to episode 1. We love it. We know virtually all the lines and jokes. We say them to each other and laugh. Our lives would not be complete without Derren's Benidorm. Thank you so much Derren Litten, you have made us so happy.
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Lorraine Trusler
May 31, 2015
As you would expect from the costa blanca. My idea of holiday hell, but very funny. The last series not as funny I thought and has lost some of the old main characters. Got to see mel in his thongs though.
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Dave Allen
August 20, 2020
I love this comedy and got this on special offer. So was cheaper to buy the box set instead of the few series I was missing. The only issue is the specials are in the wrong place they have been put at the end of all of the episodes. The Easter special not only links series 2-3 it is the 2and part of the last episode of series 2. It is the same with the Christmas special it links 2-3.
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