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Season 13 episodes (11)

1 Episode 1301
Jason Mesnick, 32, an account executive in estate and legacy planning, makes "Bachelor" history as the first-ever single dad to star in this highly rated romance series. Millions of viewers were stunned when DeAnna Pappas rejected Jason's proposal, as he dropped to one knee to profess his love in the dramatic season finale of "The Bachelorette." The handsome single father from Seattle was left brokenhearted, but his female fans, who experienced his emotional heartbreak with him, flocked to show their support. Hoping the "third time is the charm," Jason believes that the woman who will complete his family is one of the 25 lucky bachelorettes waiting to meet him.
2 Episode 1302
The 15 remaining bachelorettes move into a luxurious villa in Malibu, and Jason pays an unannounced visit, attempting to catch the women off guard and find just the right one to complete his family. A sexy pool party breaks out and the fun begins, as one woman after another seeks to lure him away for a few precious minutes. Shannon invites him for a suntan lotion rubdown, and then throws ice cubes to break up his conversation with another woman on the balcony. Lauren takes him to a bedroom for an intimate chat about life and love. Once a rose arrives for Jason to offer to a lucky lady for the first one-on-one date, the battle between the women begins to escalate, but the woman who charms the Bachelor with her fun approach to life captures the prize. As the envious group looks on, he whisks her away to the Walt Disney Concert Hall for an unforgettable night -- a VIP tour of the hall, a champagne toast and a performance by R&B superstar ROBIN THICKE.
3 Episode 1303
Tensions mount among the 12 remaining bachelorettes and jealousy reigns when it's revealed that there will be two special one-on-one dates -- each with a rose at stake -- as well as a group date. Once again, some women will not go on a date at all. Jason orchestrates a touching reunion with Stephanie and her daughter, Sophia, and the surprises keep on coming as they all go to Legoland California for a day of fun. However, the couple shares a heart-to-heart talk trying to discover if their connection is deeper than just the fact that they're both single parents.
4 Episode 1304
The nine remaining bachelorettes are falling hard for Jason, but learn they must "sing for their supper" to earn a coveted one-on-one date, composing and performing a song for the handsome single dad. The women warm up their voices as they compete for the only individual date this week. Most of the ladies spend the 30 minutes they are allotted working hard to write an appealing tune for their guy, but one woman is so overwhelmed by the task at hand, she breaks down in tears. The women sing in the styles of opera, country and even a lullaby for Jason's son, Ty, to try and convince the Bachelor that he should choose them. The winner rates an intimate dinner date at the Bachelor's pad, where she attempts to persuade Jason that she is ready for marriage and being a stepmother. To everyone's shock, she does not return from her date that night!
5 Episode 1305
The pressure is really on, as Jason struggles to decide which four women he'll escort to their hometowns to meet their families. But first, a surprise visit to the Bachelor's hometown of Seattle awaits the five remaining bachelorettes, and a chance to check out their potential future home. After a brief reunion with his son, Ty, Jason welcomes the women to Seattle. One lucky woman, who receives the one-on-one date card, is delighted that Jason will show her his hometown in style. However, Jason's parental duties take precedence when Ty needs him at home and he must make a last-minute change in plans.
6 Episode 1306
The stakes are high for Jason as he leaves his Los Angeles home for an exciting, emotionally charged journey across the country to visit the final four women's hometowns. Family is very important to Jason, so he's looking forward to having the final four bachelorettes take him home to meet their families. First, Jillian gives Jason a romantic tour of a winery in Kelowna, British Columbia. She opens up and reveals a long-held family secret to him, one that gives him a greater understanding of her behavior. But how will this new knowledge affect his decision? Jillian’s family welcomes Jason with open arms, but the real test occurs when Jillian's grandmother pays a surprise visit.
7 Episode 1307
Romantic adventures await Jason and the final three women -- Jillian, Molly and Melissa -- as they travel to the other side of the world for overnight dates in New Zealand. From beautiful mountain excursions to exotic botanical adventures, the dates are filled with excitement and passion, as Jason continues to explore what his future would be like with each of these potential mates. At the end of each evening, the Bachelor will present the bachelorette with an invitation to spend the night in a "fantasy suite." But will she accept? It's a wild, romantic ride with each of the women -- until Jason has to make a heart-wrenching decision to eliminate one of them.
8 The Women Tell All
It's an explosive reunion viewers won't want to miss, as the most memorable bachelorettes from this season -- including Jillian, Erica, Megan, Naomi, Natalie, Nikki, Shannon and Stephanie -- return to confront each other and Jason one last time on national television, to dish the dirt and tell their side of the story. Jason and Chris Harrison discuss the most dramatic moments of the season that happened both on and off the air, and Jason finally reveals what happened in that camping tent with Molly! Some of the bachelorettes will be put in the hot seat for a revealing question and answer session, including a devastated and emotional Jillian who reveals how truly in love she was with Jason and why she thought she was "the one." She has the opportunity to confront Jason for the first time since their trip to New Zealand about why he dealt her the "friend card." Passions run high between the women as they talk about what life was like in the mansion, competing for one handsome Bachelor.
9 Episode 1308
In this gripping conclusion, Jason prepares to make one of the most difficult decisions of this life. With his search for love now narrowed down to Melissa and Molly, the handsome single dad brings his son, Ty, to New Zealand. Jason hopes that by seeing each of the two remaining women with Ty, now age four, he can get a sense of how they interact, offering a hint as to how the three of them would mesh as a future family. The bachelorettes must meet Jason's family -- his parents, two brothers and his sister-in-law -- and they confront both women with some serious questions. This is no surprise, as they are understandably concerned about Jason since his experience with DeAnna. But Jason has a touching heart-to-heart talk with his mother about how strong his feelings are for both women.
10 #1310 "After the Final Rose"
Immediately following the season finale of "The Bachelor," the story comes to an unexpected and shocking conclusion as Jason and the final two women return to the studio.
11 #1311 "After the Final Rose 2" (EST)
Jason appears with the final two women for a moving look back at their journey. Plus, there will be an update on the happy couple and the woman Jason did not choose.

About this show

One lucky man gets the opportunity to find the woman of his dreams, and hopefully his bride-to-be, in this reality series. The Bachelor embarks on a romantic journey meeting 25 women, then selecting 15 as potential mates. He continues to narrow the field, ultimately to one woman to whom he proposes marriage in the series' dramatic finale.

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742 reviews
A Google user
January 12, 2019
I refuse to pay to watch my favorite show when it's a FREE local Network. This is absolutely ridiculous, how can you do this, take a free thing and charge out the yingyang for it. hope you fall short of making a killing for something that most can not afford. only giving a 1 star because you can not post without it.
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joann gates
April 12, 2019
too much back biting on the part of the contestants. kiss them and leave them. Who wants someone who just went to bed with someone else. every girl looks naked most of the time. I think it was a big deal to have a verging on the show. But I was saddened to see him fall off his pedestal for tv.
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March 16, 2017
Here's a quick synopsis of Nick. This girl's awesome, it's so easy to do things with her my family loves her, she has so many great qualities, she's just what i need! And this other girl is really hard to deal with, and has a lot of issues, super insecure, lives in a completely different country, every time we hang out I'm arguing and never have true fun, it's basically conflict city and women I've chosen like her in the past has NEVER worked out and they even at least lived in the same country. I'm going to choose the one that has the most issues because the one I get along with, that my parents love, that I just have fun with all the time, that I could be myself, someone who'd have my back, be a strong support, can just relax and be a great wife, mom etc, I'm going to tell her all the wonderful things about her and then let her go because she just makes too much sense and who wants to do something that makes sense? Yup. That's basically the whole show. Waste. of. time. show. Never. Again. 😐
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