The French Chef

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Season 8 episodes (20)

1 Vegetable For All Occasions
Julia Child showcases zucchini -- sauteed with onions, baked with a zesty cheese sauce, blended in a green vegetable soup and used as a container.
2 Pot Au Feu
Julia Child prepares Pot Au Feu, or French Boiled Beef Dinner.
3 Pizza Variations
Using the tricks of professional pizza makers, you can duplicate their product in your own kitchen. Julia Child demonstrates some variations on the main pizza theme, including an onion tart with olives and cheese and an unusual appetizer.
4 Begin With Shrimp
Julia Child demonstrates how shrimp can be a part of any meal.
5 Chocolate Cake
Very chocolaty, brown, bitter-sweet and buttery, yet light and delicate in texture -- Julia Child shares L’Eminence Brune.
6 Working With Chocolate
Julia Child visits charming Chef Deblieux in Paris where he demonstrates how to work with chocolate and produce sheets of it for decorations, figures, squares, letterings, and chocolate cigarettes.
7 To Press A Duck
Julia Child teaches you a new technique for duck.
8 Flaky Pastry
Julia Child demonstrates pate feuilletee -- the dough that consists of paper-thin layers of dough sandwiched between paper-thin layers of butter. Learn how to make the dough and how to assemble and bake a handsome ham tart.
9 Glamour Pudding
Julia Child transforms Cinderella custard into an elegant dessert through the magic of fruits, nuts and a little French know-how.
10 The Whole Fish Story
Plain and fancy fish filleting and fixing, by a female French fish professor, and a number of ways with trout including Truite Meuniere.
11 V.I.P. Veal: Poitrina Farcie
Julia Child makes stuffed braised breast of veal, and shows how to turn an unglamorous meat into a glorious dish for very important people.
12 Brochettes, Kebabs And Skewers
Julia Child shares delicious recipes for lamb shaslik, chicken shish kebab and scallops en brochette.
13 Rye Bread
Julia Child's take on rye bread.
14 Flaming Fish
Julia Child makes the famous Mediterranean sea-bass flamed in fennel -- loup flambe au fenouil -- and shows how they do it in Cannes and how you can make a reasonable facsimile at home.
15 Summer Salads
A chicken salad that can be the center of a buffet table or the main course for a luncheon or supper. Julia Child shows you a recipe that can also serve for fish and shellfish and demonstrates the foolproof way to make your own mayonnaise.
16 Lobster Show
Julia Child takes on the shellfish favorite -- lobster.
17 Coq Au Vin Alias Chicken Fricassee
Chicken, onions, and mushrooms -- simmer them in red wine for coq au vin, or in white wine for an old fashioned fricassee.
18 Mousse Au Chocolat (Chocolate Mousse)
Chocolate mousse is quick and easy to make when Julia Child shows you how. Serve it simply in a bowl, or mold it magnificently in langues de chat cookies. By mastering the mousse you are also mastering the egg.
19 Quiche Lorraine And Company
Quiche! Julia Child teaches you how to make an expert pie-crust dough and use it for main dish pies, such as custard and bacon, spinach and crab.
20 To Stuff A Sausage
Julia Child shows you how to make the kinds of French sausages you can’t buy here. You don’t have to be a great cook, and just think what it will do for your image.

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Cooking legend and cultural icon Julia Child, along with her 1960s television series, The French Chef, introduced French cuisine to American kitchens, forever changing the way we cook, eat and think about food.

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