The Outpost

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The Outpost Season 1 episodes (10)

1 One is the Lonliest Number
Talon, the lone survivor of the Blackblood race, seeks vengeance on the men who slaughtered her people.
2 Two Heads are Better than None
From her mysterious savior, Talon learns deep secrets about herself and her kind.
3 The Mistress and the Worm
Talon struggles to command a murderous creature she has summoned. Garret and Janzo work to uncover the cause of the plagueling disease.
4 Strange Bedfellows
Against the Smith’s advice, Talon goes after the demon before she’s ready. The Mistress proves herself a ruthless enemy in her scheme to take over the colipsum trade.
5 Bones to Pick
Having discovered a powerful secret, Wythers blackmails Gwynn, insisting that she allow him to execute Talon.
6 The Book of Names
Talon promises to find the mysterious “Book of Names.” Gwynn’s true identity is revealed.
7 The Colipsum Conundrum
Gwynn’s suspicions of Wythers’ guilt are intensified and her decisive action strains her relationship with Garret.
8 Beyond the Wall
Talon, Janzo, and Garret venture into Greyskin territory in search of the Book of Names, all aware this may be Garret’s last mission for the Realm.
9 The Vex Rezicon
Talon, Garret, and Janzo are ambushed and the Book of Names falls into enemy hands.
10 The Dragman is Coming
Talon, Garret and Janzo return from the Greyskin wastelands to find the Outpost very different from how they left it.

About this show

The Outpost tells the story of Talon, the lone survivor of the “Blackbloods”, as she tracks the men who killed her family to a lawless border town.

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14 reviews
Jacob Marrs
January 30, 2022
I love this show. I love Jessica Green as Talon and Tobin was a surprise. Garrett and his relationship with Talon was ok. Zed was a shocking addition. All in all this series is full of action, romance, dispair, disaster, mystery, and fantasy. The extinction of the demons was sad. This whole series is worth watching. I first watched it on Amazon Prime and fell in love with the storyline, even though it was slow going at first.
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November 10, 2021
It has been the most edge of your seat show that I have watched in a long time. I have loved every season....
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James Jerry AldridgeJerr
February 11, 2021
Show me how to see girl's nudes 😈 of the situation,
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