Southern Hospitality

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Season 1 episodes (8)

1 The Republic of Leva
Charleston restauranteur Leva Bonaparte celebrates her birthday at her hugely successful club Republic, but fighting between her young, attractive staff threatens to disrupt the party. Grace Lilly feels betrayed by former best friend Maddi for calling out her failings at work. Mikel faces discipline from Leva and outrage from the staff when he's caught promoting another club. Joe Bradley reveals romantic feelings for Maddi, but realizes he may be too late when her ex-boyfriend steps back into the picture.
2 Clocking In...Coming Out
Leva brings Mikel back to Republic but makes him prove his dedication by doing dirty work. Grace Lilly fires back at TJ for attacking her work ethic and judging her steamy social media posts. Maddi makes Joe Bradley jealous by bringing her ex-boyfriend to a work event. Mikel risks losing his best friend from the church when he reveals the truth about his sexuality.
3 Toxic Tea Party
Mia faces pressure from her dad about her career choices and love life. A back injury leaves Joe on the floor, making room for Mikel to earn back his spot as VIP host. TJ continues to fuel the fire with Mikel, causing a blow up at Grace Lilly's Alice in Wonderland birthday party. Nothing can bring Grace down, however, when she's given another chance to prove herself at Republic.
4 Off to the Races
When Grace Lily's birthday party takes a turn, Mikel questions if he can continue to work at Republic. Grace's enthusiasm gets her back into Leva's good graces, but Will's wild night rubs his co-workers the wrong way. Maddi invites everyone to a NASCAR race in her hometown of Charlotte, where Trevor meets her parents for the very first time since their breakup.
5 Rock the Boat
The Republic crew parties on Lake Norman, but when Leva sees their inappropriate Instagram posts, she threatens to fire people. After Grace Lilly learns that Mia's friend went on a date with her crush, her emotional outburst leaves her on the outs with the group. Mikel takes a leap of faith and invites a romantic interest to their party, but things take an awkward turn when his date is interrogated by Emmy.
6 Rumor Has It
Grace Lilly tries to impress Leva by creating a new event at Bourbon and Bubbles, but worries no one will support her after the disastrous trip to Charlotte. Joe Bradley pursues a promotion that could impact his budding romance with Mia. The return of a controversial Republic employee causes division among the crew and unearths a scandalous rumor.
7 Pride and Peanut Butter
Leva needs the Republic team to work together for Pride weekend, but tensions run high in the aftermath of an explosive fight. Will decides whether to fulfill Emmy's hopes of his going to law school or pursue his own dream of running a restaurant. Mikel and TJ put their differences aside to host an event. When Maddi drops an accusation against Bradley, he fires back.
8 Women Scorned
Grace Lilly throws an upscale event to host Leva's friends. Emmy urges Will to apply to law school. Lucia fights to save her impaired relationship with her son's father. After a record-breaking summer at Republic, Leva rewards the team with a luxurious yacht day where Joe Bradley finally admits his romantic feelings for Maddi, leading to a showdown with her boyfriend. Later on, when Mia finds out Joe professed romantic feelings for both her and Maddi, both women explode on him at Republic, landing Joe in hot water with Leva.

About this show

"Southern Hospitality" follows the lives of powerhouse boss Leva Bonaparte of "Southern Charm" and her staff at Republic Garden & Lounge, the hottest nightclub in Charleston, South Carolina. The series takes viewers behind the scenes at Republic as Leva attempts to manage the drama and big personalities of her staff members.

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