Good Trouble

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Season 1 episodes (13)

Callie & Mariana have graduated and moved to downtown Los Angeles. The sisters navigate love, sex and the complicated relationships that come with living in a new city in your 20s.
2 The Coterie
Callie puts work aside to let loose, but will it put her job as a law clerk in jeopardy? Meanwhile, Mariana tries to make friends with her new co-workers and Alice gets some upsetting news about her ex-girlfriend. Malika is confronted by her foster care past.
3 Allies
Callie, Gael, and Bryan's love triangle heats up, especially when Callie reaches out to an unexpected guy for some legal advice. Mariana's attempt to get ahead at work has surprising consequences and Gael's trans sister reaches out to him for help.
4 Playing The Game
Judge Wilson invites Callie and the other clerks over for a seemingly friendly BBQ that takes an unexpected turn. Mariana deals with a lack of diversity in her workplace and questions whether it's the place for her. Alice struggles with the responsibilities of being manager of The Coterie.
5 Parental Guidance Suggested
Stef and Lena visit Callie and Mariana in their new digs for the first time. Everyone is on their best behavior, but secrets are revealed and the girls are reminded of why they need their moms. Dennis reveals something surprising about his past.
6 Imposter
Callie plans to disclose her connection to Malika to Judge Wilson before Ben has the opportunity to undermine her. Mariana gets boxed out of working on a big new project by Alex. Gael goes to Callie for legal help for his sister.
7 Swipe Right
Mariana, Davia, Malika and Alice set up dates for each other using the "Shyppr" app, to varying degrees of success. Callie makes a decision regarding her relationship with Gael.
8 Byte Club
Mariana forms a women-in-tech "fight club" to come up with ways to deal with sexism in their workplace. Callie and Rebecca bond over past traumas, but still don't see eye-to-eye. Jesus comes to town and ends up getting a lucky break.
9 Willful Blindness
Callie continues to struggle with not seeing Gael. Alice is roped into planning a wedding shower for Sumi while dealing with her disapproving parents. Malika continues to struggle to find a way to keep her brother in her life, while keeping her mother at arms-length – but is learning to lean into other kinds of family.
10 Re-Birthday
It’s Davia’s birthday and the group is out for an epic bar-crawl. Jealousy develops between the romantic “rectangle” of Callie/Jamie/Gael/Bryan while Dennis causes friction between two friends. Meanwhile, Alice struggles with Sumi’s constant flirtations, and Mariana and Raj bond.
11 Less Than
Callie takes her moms to meet Judge Wilson and his family. Videos from Jamal’s past go viral. Mariana & the other women at Spekulate face a heightened risk of being fired and Alice proves she’s over Sumi...but Sumi might not be over her.
12 Broken Arted
Gael’s art show brings together members of the Coterie and employees from Spekulate in different and surprising ways. Mariana develops a new app idea to pitch to Evan. Dennis’ ex re-enters the picture, stirring up old issues while Callie learns some shocking information about the Jamal case.
13 Vitamin C
Jamal's trial starts, along with the protest Malika has helped organize. Mariana must make a decision about whether to release the gender pay equality spreadsheet. Sumi's wedding day is here, and Alice must figure out her feelings. Malika deals with a difficult choice for her family and Davia makes a decision about her future.

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Callie & Mariana have graduated and moved to downtown Los Angeles. The sisters navigate love, sex and the complicated relationships that come with living in a new city in your 20s.

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61 reviews
Jean Luc Pressoir
July 7, 2020
The story continues with the Adams Foster siblings Callie and Mariana (Maia Mitchell and Cierra Ramirez) relocate to Los Angeles to begin the next phase of their lives. Callie becomes a law clerk working for Judge Wilson while Mariana becomes a software engineer. This show is awesome I love watching the series especially Freeform (formerly ABC Family) it praise a great representation to most of the LGBTQ community portrayal by its characters and themes within the series.
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Deanna Duren
April 2, 2021
Well I love the show thats why I get 5 stars but Google play is a rip off it dont even have season 3 so how can they charge for episodes u can watch for free!??!!
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Josie Gasner
April 5, 2022
Really hate that i purchased season 3 but cant watch it that sucks..need to fix that asap
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