2017 • Showtime
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Season 1 episodes (6)

1 Episode One
Marcus and Jas go to a rally against the 1971 Immigration Act, with their friends Fallon and Julian. Jas encourages her former lover, Kent Fue, to come to the rally but he has a different plan for overcoming oppression. During the rally, Julian is brutally murdered by the police. Overcome by this tragedy, Marcus and Jas decide to liberate a political prisoner, Dhari Bishop, in order to form a radical underground cell.
2 Episode Two
Marcus, Jas, and Dhari go in to hiding as Pence and Cullen desperately search for the gang. While Pence deals with the consequences of an illicit relationship, the fugitives reach out to a German radical group in the countryside for support. The Germans say the Black Panthers will have to prove themselves first. But when Dhari has a dangerous plan that does not include Jas, Jas brings London to a standstill when she does something unthinkable.
3 Episode Three
Jas’ attack on the Rhodesian Mission gains the group respect amongst the German radicals. They move into their secluded country house and start training to be soldiers. But the strain of being on the run is beginning to take its toll on Jas and Marcus’ relationship. After weeks of feeling helpless, Eliette, a French Canadian radical, inspires Jas politically and personally. Meanwhile, Pence and Cullen take desperate measures as the gang gains notoriety and their investigation is threatened by a rival force.
4 Episode Four
While Kent forms a surprising alliance and Eliette and Jas grow closer, the gang plans a brutal mission. But when it proves fatal for one of them, Marcus becomes desperate to save his relationship with Jas. He decides to do something that they will never come back from.
5 Episode Five
Planning their final action, the gang reaches out to someone from the black community that they initially spurned. The Black Power Desk’s reign of terror hits new heights as Pence debates which woman he wants to escape with him. Feeling despondent, Jas searches for an ally, unaware that Fallon’s previously unwavering loyalty now seems uncertain. But, as Marcus and Jas prepare for the ultimate mission, they do something that they will never be able to come back from.
6 Episode Six
As Fallon begins to collude with the ‘Black Power Desk’ and Kent’s loyalty is thrown into question, Dhari and Marcus fight for the position of alpha male in the gang. While Jas gathers materials for their ultimate action, Marcus receive news that threatens to destroy their relationship and their final mission. The success of the final mission is dependent on the radical’s dedication to each other but they may not come together in time.

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Black freedom fighters and lovers fight injustice.

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