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Season 1 episodes (25)

1 Daybreak
Kevin Costner stars as John Dutton, patriarch of a Montana ranching family, and owner of the largest ranch in the U.S. It's the story of Dutton's fight to defend his land and his family from the modern-day forces that threaten his way of life.
2 Kill the Messenger
As the dust settles from the dispute, the Duttons deal with the potential repercussions. John calls in a favor and collects on some old debts. Jamie meets with the governor to do damage control.
3 No Good Horses
The Duttons deal with a painful family anniversary. Kayce saves a young girl from danger. Jamie and Beth plan their respective political careers. Rainwater makes an ominous threat to the Dutton legacy.
4 The Long Black Train
A secret about John comes to the surface. Beth shows Jenkins a rough night out. Quality time with Tate leads to a close call.
5 Coming Home
As Kayce feels the heat from tribal police, Jamie works some legal magic. Rip recruits a new cowboy for the ranch, and a beaten-down Jimmy begins to find some respect. John makes a play to keep Kayce and Monica close to home.
6 The Remembering
A new partnership threatens John and the Yellowstone. Jamie ramps up his political campaign. Rip confronts Kayce about cleaning up his messes.
7 A Monster Is Among Us
Rip stumbles upon a dangerous and dire situation. A plan is set in motion designed to squeeze John Dutton and threaten his way of life. Monica begins a tough recovery.
8 The Unravelling: Pt. 1
A Sherrif's investigation turns the heat up on Rip. Jamie makes a bold decision about his future and faces the consequences.
9 The Unravelling: Pt. 2
With the walls closing in, John discovers which family and allies will stand with him and fight.
20 Behind the Story Episode 5: "Coming Home"
The introduction of Walker adds an entirely new color to the cast of "Yellowstone" especially impacting the world of Rip and Jimmy ; the origins of the branding ritual are also further explored from the actors perspectives.
21 Behind the Story Episode 6: "The Remembering"
Life becomes even more precarious for Luke Grimes' character Kayce Dutton on "Yellowstone" when a confrontation with a grizzly bear pits him between it and Rip; as John Dutton's enemies close in on him, Jamie reveals his true ambitions.
22 Yellowstone In The Weeks Ahead
The walls are closing in on John Dutton and the Yellowstone Ranch as his main adversaries band together to move against him, while his family continues to fall apart.
23 Behind the Story Episode 7: "A Monster Is Among Us"
There's a trespasser on the ranch and Rip is called upon to investigate, while Jimmy played by Jefferson White comes face-to-face with the hungry grizzly and reveals the behind-the-scenes thrills working with the latest guest star on "Yellowstone".
101 Official Trailer
From the brilliant creative mind of Taylor Sheridan (Hell or High Water and Sicario) and starring Academy Award Winner Kevin Costner, this epic contemporary drama series follows the Dutton family, led by John Dutton (Costner), who controls the largest contiguous ranch in the United States.
102 Costner on Yellowstone
Academy-Award Winner Kevin Costner returns to television in Yellowstone an original scripted drama from writer/director Taylor Sheridan. Here in Costner's own words get a "first look" into John Dutton who presides over one of the largest ranches in Montana, and sits at the head of the Dutton family.
103 Inside Yellowstone
From writer/director Taylor Sheridan, a new series that presents a contemporary spin on the wild west in Yellowstone. Starring Kevin Costner leading an all-star cast including Kelly Reilly, Wes Bentley, and Luke Grimes portraying a Montana ranching family determined to protect their legacy.
104 Generations of Duttons
The Duttons are at the center of Paramount Network's Original Series Yellowstone. A long-line of Montana ranchers with a rich legacy Kayce (Luke Grimes), Beth (Kelly Reilly), Jamie (Wes Bentley) and Lee (Dave Annable) each have a stake in protecting their own territory.
105 Allies & Adversaries
Go deeper inside the world of the Duttons with their cunning allies and ruthless adversaries, featuring Gil Birmingham, Kelsey Asbille, Cole Hauser, Danny Huston and Jefferson White, from Paramount Network's new Original Series, Yellowstone.
106 Behind The Story Episode 1: "Daybreak"
In the climatic moments of the new Paramount Network Original Series "Yellowstone" the Dutton family confronts an adversary and faces a betrayal and death on both sides of the fence. Setting up the conflict for the season, the cast discusses the intense face-off and shooting that scene.
107 Behind the Story Episode 2: 'Kill the Messenger'
Trouble appears to follow Kayce Dutton wherever he goes, but when he and his wife Monica stumble upon an explosion on the side of the road, the discovery will have serious implications for the couple in the season to come.
108 Dutton vs. Rainwater Sneak Peek
Enemies surround John Dutton at every turn. Watch a sneak peek of what threats lie ahead for the Dutton family.
109 Behind the Story Episode 3: "No Good Horses"
Beth Dutton is perhaps the greatest enigma on the Yellowstone Ranch. She's her father's secret weapon, but what events shape this character and make her such a formidable force on "Yellowstone"?
110 Behind the Story Episode 4: "The Long Black Train"
Tragedy continues to follow Kayce though he extends an olive branch to John Dutton and brings him his grandson for a visit, the relationship between fathers and sons is a complicated one to explore on "Yellowstone".
115 Behind the Story Episode 8: "The Unravelling Pt.1"
Before he becomes John Dutton's most loyal hired man, Rip was a teenage fugitive on the run! In a flashback scene featuring Josh Lucas as a "young" John Dutton the two actors discuss one of the season's most pivotal scenes.
116 Behind the Story Episode 9: "The Unravelling Pt.2"
It's all come to this! In the Season 1 finale Kayce must make a fateful decision that will change the direction of his life forever, while Beth and Jamie face off as their sibling rivalry decides the future of the "Yellowstone" ranch.

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Kevin Costner stars as John Dutton, patriarch of a Montana ranching family, and owner of the largest ranch in the U.S. It’s the story of Dutton’s fight to defend his land and his family from the modern day forces that threaten his way of life.

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2.49K reviews
May 29, 2021
My wife and I have watched a lot of movies in our day . We pretty much have some easily met standards set as a critique guide. To us a movie should establish its mission statement then deliver. Then it should have a beginning , a middle and an end. It should have believable characters also. After just four episodes of Yellowstone it failed on all counts . If one were to want a good movie for a counseling business to illustrate weird behavior this might work because all these folks except a few are seriously messed up. Its almost hard not to expect a van pulling up with the Dr Phil and Jerry Springer getting out offering an intervention . When you cast that against the gorgeous landscape it simply even becomes more bewildering. Its hard to fathom they maintain a multi million dollar ranching operation. I tried to understand how any of these poor folks even get put of bed in the morning and found it impossible . So if you want total fiction with a mafia cowboy twist then this might be just the ticket . It does have some beautiful landscape also but as far as true to reality goes its far from that. I really dont think any multi million dollar ranch recruits prisoners from prison into the family and then brands them under the Montana night sky by campfire light. I also dont think they drive people they fire out of town and shoot them either . Calling it the long black train...seriously. My conclusion is the whole family is so difunctional that by now one of them would have gotten help and then eventually it would have spread to most of the family.
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Jan Fuger
December 9, 2018
I was really looking forward to this series because I like Kevin Costner but about the time the female star opens her mouth and spews forth a string of obscenities, they bout lost me. I stayed with it thinking was a one time only event but, alas, I was wrong. Needless to say, I changed to something else. Maybe the writers and producers think it's necessary because that's what people want, but I bet if they cut it out, most people wouldn't even notice it was gone. I don't talk like that.
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Christopher Combs
July 15, 2020
Purchased Season 3 of yellowstone having trouble getting episodes in a timely manner the episode 4 aired Sunday it's been two days and still isn't available spoke with a customer service person she was nice emailed me a voucher for $10 to be used on the play store but could not fix or tell me when the issue would be resolved waiting to hear via email whether it will be available in the future. Now it shows up they want me to pay again
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