American Housewife

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Season 1 episodes (24)

1 Pilot
A housewife and her family move to the upscale neighborhood of Westport to take advantage of its school district, and are immediately caught up in the luxe Westport lifestyle.
2 The Nap
Katie wants a long nap after the kids keep her up all night, but when Greg gets the flu, she doesn't get a minute to herself. Her exhaustion reaches critical mass with a confrontation with the school's officious crossing guard.
3 The Westport Zombie
Katie, jealous of Taylor's friendship with neighbor Viv, reluctantly competes in the Westport Halloween Zombie Run after she finds out they'll both be running. Meanwhile, Greg and Anna-Kat get a little too much in character for the zombie part of the run's obstacle course.
4 Art Show
When Anna-Kat draws a super plus-sized portrait of Katie for the school art show, Katie sets out to retrieve it. Meanwhile, with Katie away, Doris is left in charge of Oliver and Taylor, and is determined to whip them into shape with her Tiger Mom skills.
5 The Snub
Katie swallows her pride and does the unthinkable, emulating the Westport moms by dressing like them and hanging out at the yoga studio, in an attempt to get Anna-Kat a coveted invitation to a popular girl's birthday party.
6 The Blow-Up
Katie is less-than-thankful when her mom, Kathryn, shows up for Thanksgiving. But Katie's nemesis Viv helps ease the tension when she invites herself to dinner.
7 Power Couple
Katie and Greg throw themselves into PTA politics when they learn that Anna-Kat's special needs teacher, Dr. Ellie, has been cut from the school budget. Greg gets elected to the PTA, but Katie may not be able to keep her mouth in check long enough to win the votes they need.
8 Westport Cotillion
Oliver takes dancing and manners classes in hopes of getting the girl he likes to go to the Westport Cotillion with him, and asks for his dad's help in keeping it secret from Katie.
9 Krampus Katie
Katie's holiday spirit is soured when Viv corners her into helping out with the school Christmas pageant. Greg, determined to teach Taylor and Oliver the true meaning of Christmas, takes them to a local nursing home to cheer up the residents.
10 The Playdate
Katie and Greg are thrilled when Anna-Kat finally has a playdate, but Anna-Kat has become a kleptomaniac and has taken something from her new friend Penny's home. Greg wants her to return the item and fess up, but Katie disagrees.
11 The Snowstorm
The Ottos struggle with being stuck home and without power during a snowstorm; Katie is bitter that she can't go on her planned girls' weekend.
12 Surprise
Oliver tells his parents that he's so embarrassed by their modest house that he'd rather not have a birthday party at all. Katie decides to ambush him with a surprise party at home with all his wealthy friends.
13 Then and Now
The Ottos face the prospect of leaving Westport when their house is put up for sale. No one wants to leave except Katie, who seems determined to move on.
14 Time for Love
Katie's least favorite holiday is Valentine's Day, but her desire for a low-key approach is overridden by Greg's over-the-top romantic gestures. Meanwhile, Oliver has an expensive gift for the girl he's crushing on.
15 The Man Date
Greg is delighted to finally have made a friend in Westport, fellow history buff Stan, but Katie isn't as happy, since Stan is married to her nemesis, Chloe Brown Mueller.
16 Bag Lady
Katie is fed up with the family complaining about her meddling in everything they do, so she decides to back off and let everyone fend for themselves. Meanwhile, incensed that she got sold defective trash bags at the local grocery story, Katie decides to fight back.
17 Other People's Marriages
Katie encourages Viv to stand up to her boorish husband, Alan, but things backfire when Viv succeeds and decides to leave him – and move in with the Ottos.
18 The Otto Motto
When Taylor keeps quitting school activities, Greg says that Katie sets a poor example. He challenges her to finally learn French after quitting lessons so long ago, and she reluctantly enrolls in a college class.
19 The Polo Match
When Doris insists that Katie attend the charity polo match she's organizing, Katie invites her crass best friend from college, Billy, to inject some life into the festivities.
20 The Walk
Anna-Kat tells her parents that all she wants for her birthday is a chance to walk the three blocks to the library alone. Meanwhile, Greg has a hard time adjusting to the fact that Taylor has a boyfriend, and Katie is annoyed that Oliver's entitled friend Cooper Bradford seems to be spending every waking moment at the Ottos.
21 The Club
When Anna-Kat develops a fear of water and stops bathing, her therapist suggests the Ottos get her to go swimming. But Katie must get over her own fear of wearing a bathing suit in public before she can help. Meanwhile, Oliver gives his dad a style makeover.
22 Dude, Where's My Napkin?
Katie and Greg enjoy a night on the town with Angela's ex after Celeste, an editor, helps Greg land his first book deal. But Angela, who has asked Katie not to socialize with her former wife, is furious and accuses her of being a bad friend.
23 Can't Hide it Anymore
Katie has been avoiding the mandatory volunteer hours at her kids' schools all year. But when the other moms pressure her, she hits on a genius excuse after wearing a fake pregnancy "empathy" bump leads everyone to think she is pregnant.
101 First Look at ABC's New Tuesday Comedy "American Housewife"
In ABC's new comedy, "American Housewife", Katie Otto (Katy Mixon), is a confident, unapologetic wife and mother of three, who raises her flawed family in the wealthy town of Westport, Connecticut filled with "perfect" mommies and their "perfect" offspring.

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A confident, unapologetic wife and mother of three, raises her flawed family in the wealthy town of Westport, Connecticut, filled with "perfect" mommies and their "perfect" offspring.

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124 reviews
Xavier Sneed
November 1, 2020
I love this show it's hilarious, but one thing that upsets me is that they recasted Anna-Kat with Giselle Eisenberg, I mean I get it Julia Butters willingly left the show but I feel like there are better casting choices out there for instance: Raegan Revord, Kaylin Hayman or, Mia Talerico all great options.
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Hope Tirendi
October 10, 2019
Love the show just wish Google would catch up with everyone else!!! I bought it here yet other apps have the next episode which was shown on Oct 3rd! Seriously get it moving.
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Diane Bishop
June 2, 2022
Iove thus show she says what some of us think so funny....they change anna-kat omygoogle no
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