The Black Files Declassified

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Season 1 episodes (6)

1 Secrets of the Space Force
Newly declassified documents reveal that the US Space Force is the culmination of decades of top-secret military programs to weaponize the cosmos, and special access exposes the cutting-edge weapons and sci-fi defense systems behind real-life star wars.
2 American UFOs
A top-secret aviation program funded by a mysterious money trail could have built a plane that can travel nearly 4,000 miles an hour; a former CIA operative investigates how these superplanes will revolutionize flight and unleash a new lethal technology.
3 To Catch an Alien
A top-secret government program might have proof that aliens have visited earth, and a former CIA operative uses newly declassified documents and special access to investigate if the US military already has its hands on advanced, alien technology.
4 How to Stop an Assassination
Newly declassified document reveal the details of a top-secret government program created in the wake of the Kennedy assassination to go to extreme lengths to protect the president; a former CIA operative exposes the cutting-edge defenses now in place.
5 Iron Man Army
A former CIA operative investigates newly declassified documents that reveal the secrets of a multibillion-dollar mission to build a real-life Iron Man equipped with superhuman strength, cutting-edge weapons, and telepathic abilities.
6 Rise of the Nightstalkers
A former CIA operative investigates new evidence of a top-secret group known as the Nightstalkers, a clandestine team of the world's best aviators involved in the assassination of Osama Bin Laden and other dangerous black ops.

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Within our government lies a shadowy world of classified projects known only as The Black Files. Beyond military or classic defense, the funds go towards covert operations taking place in and outside our borders and involving domestic and foreign targets.

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2 reviews
deborah elliott
August 23, 2021
See Dr. Steven Greer on the Gaia Network or get one of Dr. Greer's books for better information that has not been sanitized by the Pentagon.
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