Beecham House

2019 • PBS
5 reviews
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Season 1 episodes (7)

1 Episode 1
India 1795: John Beecham, a former soldier in the East India Company, arrives at a grand mansion determined to leave the past behind and start a new life, but he brings along a secret–a baby of mixed parentage who must be kept in hiding.
2 Episode 2
With the arrival of his mother, and the discovery of his younger brother in a military camp close by, John has fulfilled his dream of having his family reunited. But, the arrival of the mysterious Chandrika throws the household into chaos.
3 Episode 3
A murder throws John’s plans of staying in Delhi into jeopardy. A person close within the household reveals his true colors with dangerous consequences. Margaret proves she is trustworthy when, at great personal risk, she helps John.
4 Episode 4
Chandrika visits John’s room late at night, witnessed by Violet who tells all to his mother. Margaret is told, and devastated, decides to leave Delhi. John realizes he has no choice but to reveal the truth about his past.
5 Episode 5
John is shocked to discover that Margaret has left Delhi, but there is worse news at home. The truth behind Daniel’s relationship with Chanchal is exposed. Castillon arrests John. Who has betrayed John--and who can save him?
6 Episode 6
John figures out who has betrayed him, as Daniel, Margaret, and Chandrika try to help release him. But, only the Emperor can set him free. When John finally returns home, he discovers the house has been attacked. Who has taken baby August?
101 What is Beecham House – Trailer
A short introduction to the series with interviews with the cast and director Gurinder Chadha.

About this show

Delhi 1795: John Beecham is determined to leave the past behind and start a new life with his infant son. But to reunite his family and keep the identity of his child secret, what cost must John pay?

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5 reviews
Dinorah Perez
December 2, 2020
Great show 👍
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Stephen Kelly
December 5, 2020
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