Dawson's Creek

1998 • The WB
476 reviews
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Season 1 episodes (13)

1 Dawson's Creek
A pair of childhood friends must cope with their emerging sexuality.
2 Dance
Dawson worries about his first kiss with Jen, especially when she attends a school dance with someone else; Pacey tries to keep his romance with Tamara alive.
3 Kiss
As he's forced to work on a rival's film, Dawson plots to record his own first kiss with Jen; Joey misleads a wealthy suitor as Pacey uses his failing grades to get Tamara's attention
4 Discovery
After videotaping Tamara's sexual encounter with an unknown partner and then learning of his mother's own infidelity, Dawson discovers the truth about Jen's past.
5 Hurricane
Preparations for a big hurricane expose the truth about Mrs. Leery's affair.
6 Baby
As word of Pacey's affair with Tamara gets out, Bessie must seek help from grams to deliver her baby.
7 Detention
The brewing conflicts among Dawson and his friends erupt during their detention.
8 Boyfriend
Jen's old boyfriend arrives unexpectedly and Dawson's parents struggle with their relationship.
9 Road Trip
Jen's old boyfriend takes Dawson and Pacey to a nightclub; upon finding herself the subject of some nasty rumors, Joey strikes back.
10 The Scare
While Dawson is preparing to celebrate Friday the 13th, a serial killer is rumored to be headed to Capeside.
11 Double Date
Dawson arranges a double date with Jen and her new boyfriend; an extra credit assignment brings Pacey and Joey together.
12 Beauty Contest
Joey and Pacey both enter a local beauty pageant.
13 Decisions
An offer for Joey to study abroad forces her and Dawson to reconsider their feelings for each other; Jen's grandfather suddenly awakes from his coma.

About this show

Provocative drama about the coming-of-age of a group of teenage best friends in a small New England coastal town. Dawson Leery seems to have the perfect life. An aspiring filmmaker, he soon finds out that growing up isn't as simple and clear-cut as the Steven Spielberg movies he so idolizes. The arrival of Jennifer, the attractve new girl in town, puts a barrier between Dawson and his longtime best friend, Josephine ("Joey")--a local girl who lives across the pond with her pregnant sister and her sister's black boyfriend. He also must deal with good buddy Pacey's obsession with the school's attractive new teacher. Things won't be so quiet in this small town.

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476 reviews
Leslie D
August 23, 2015
Season 4 episode 1 us where Pacey & Joey come back from their Summer in the boat. I have bought the first 3 seasons but when I look at season 4 on Google Play Movies, the list of episodes starts from episode 2. Does anyone know why? If I download the season, will the 1st episode be on there? I would have no problem giving 5 stars for this show, but c'mon - we all know Pacey and Joey storyline is the best and this was and important episode in the group's situation.
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Cherisse Tillman
April 9, 2015
I was in the 3rd grade when this came out. I remember seeing commercial after commercial promoting the show and critics praising the show as well as rave reviews about the show and Katie Holmes before it came out. It premiered in Jan 1998. I watched it and that was the only time I watched it because I forgot about the show. I started watching it again during its 3rd season b/c there was nothing to watch and got hooked I had to go back and see the beginning again to catch up. I wish tv was still like this.
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Zach Phelps
March 6, 2013
I was born in '96 i really wish i could go back in time. I love all the 90's music/movies & tv shows. It was the golden age for every thing. If only i could go back lol. I only watched the first episode, always heard of dawsons creek never watched it till now.. Im hooked.plan on watching all of the episodes.
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