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Season 1 episodes (4)

1 The Flashback
The murder of 8-year-old Susan Nason has gone unsolved for nearly 20 years, until one day in 1989. Her childhood friend, Eileen Franklin, suddenly recalls that she had been a witness to the crime and that the murderer was her own father, George Franklin. Series premiere.
2 Voodoo Psychology
George Franklin becomes the first person to be charged with murder based on a repressed memory. His accuser: his own daughter. His defense team attacks her credibility on the basis that she could have constructed a false memory through hypnosis and suggestive therapy.
3 House of Hell
During the trial, Franklin family members testify about the abuse they endured as children as all their darkest secrets become public knowledge. The defense team tries to convince the jury that Eileen conspired with her sister and mother to convict George as an act of vengeance.
4 Memory Wars
All across the country, women start to remember their own repressed memories of long-forgotten trauma. Meanwhile, Eileen becomes convinced her father was involved in other murders. While detectives investigate a new lead, a surprising phone call to the District Attorney changes everything. Series finale.

About this show

In January 1989, in a flash Eileen Franklin recalled being eight years old and witnessing the rape and murder of her best friend, Susan Nason. She also remembered the identity of the murderer – it was Eileen's own father, George Franklin. The ensuing trial was the first criminal case based on a repressed memory, and it raised questions and issues that continue to challenge the reliability of memory and of criminal testimony to this day. Eileen Franklin's memories were terrifying beyond imagining... but were they true beyond a reasonable doubt?

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