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The Kennedys

2015 • BBC
14 reviews
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Season 1 episodes (6)

1 Secret Whisper
Brenda has decided it's high time someone on Jessop Square had a dinner party. Nobody has ever had one before, and she's determined to set the standard for all to follow. Giddy with possibilities, she invites best friends Tim and Jenny and the Palmers, the more respectful couple from the Square. The scene is set for what is surely going to be her greatest triumph. Emma is rankled because, yet again, arch-rival Julie has got control of the Rec's Fort. Nobody is allowed in if they don't know her Secret Whisper. Emma realizes that in order to wrestle control from her nemesis, she needs a Secret Whisper to end all Secret Whispers. Brenda and Emma's quests collide in a dinner party that nobody will ever forget.
2 Valentine
It's Valentine's Day on Jessop Square, and everyone is opening their cards. Emma has received one for the first time ever and she resolves to find out who sent it to her. "And then I will kill him," declares Tony, because that's what dads do. Brenda opens some post that's been lying about for weeks, only to discover that it's her driving test in two days' time. Brenda begins her lessons but at the first attempt manages to finish off Tony's old car. Meanwhile, Jenny's convinced Tim is going to use the most romantic day of the year to propose.
3 Vikings
Some Scandinavians have moved in to Jessop Square and Brenda and Jenny are beside themselves. Whatever they do, they simply must make friends with them. Tim has been given a book by Jenny called "So you're going to be a dad." He thinks it might be a hint. Jenny's tasked Tim with making a cot from scratch. Meanwhile, Emma is devastated on hearing that Donny Osmond has got married and is in dire need of cheering up.
4 Jessopportunity Knocks
Brenda decides it is high time Jessop Square had its own version of Opportunity Knocks. But what brand new up to the minute fad can she show off? Tony has decided to do Kung Fu so Brenda sets her sights on the glories of Disco. It is Disco vs Kung Fu but who will come out on top?
5 Wedding
It's Jenny and Tim's wedding day and Tony is determined that everything goes according to plan. Emma is their bridesmaid but is anxious to take part in the annual Jessop Square North vs Jessop Square South grudge match. Somehow, she has to be able to play. Things get off to a disastrous start when Brenda and Emma, in an attempt to help Jenny into her wedding dress, accidentally rip it in two. Somehow they have to find an alternative wedding dress. They've got two hours to go and the clock is ticking.
6 Camping
For the first time in his life, Tony has got his own way. He's taking the family camping to Wales and they're not going alone. Tim and Jenny will be joining them for their honeymoon and they'll be picking up Tony's mother on the way. They arrive at a deserted campsite only to discover it's been evacuated. The worst storm to hit the Gower Peninsula is very much on its way. Tony has to break into a caravan to provide shelter but it all goes disastrously wrong when a window blows in causing the caravan to come off its bricks. They all leap from the caravan as it yaws upwards and then slides off towards the cliff edge.

About this show

The Kennedys is a comedy about a working class family living in Stevenage. It's 1978 and Brenda, Tony and Emma Kennedy have just moved to Jessop Road estate. Brenda aspires to the 'middle class' lifestyle sold in glossy magazines, she is giddy as a kipper about the opportunity for social development the estate offers; they can host middle class dinner parties, drive middle class cars, do middle class small talk with their new middle class neighbours. Tony is so besotted with her that he tries to play along, he tries to step up but he doesn't really get it and so chaos ensues. Both Brenda and Tony idolise their 10 year old daughter Emma, she is Brenda's hope for the future of feminism and Tony's partner in crime. The Kennedy's best friends Jenny and Tim are less happy together. Tim, a virile and sociable man thinks nothing of having a fling with work colleagues whilst Jenny is keen to settle down. The Kennedys is a joyous romp, a celebration of working class communities. A feel good family show.

Ratings and reviews

14 reviews
Lisa Moore
November 9, 2018
Such a shame they didn't make more. I thought every episode was hilarious
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Tom Salmon
September 11, 2018
Just superb, why did the BBC cancel the show? What a mistake to make!
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Connor Foster
December 28, 2015
Rally good
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