Rush Hour

2016 • CBS
142 reviews
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Season 1 episodes (15)

1 Pilot
In the series premiere of RUSH HOUR, cultures clash and tempers flare when a stoic, by-the-book Hong Kong police detective is paired with a maverick LAPD detective to investigate the theft of Chinese artifacts in Los Angeles.
2 Two Days, Or the Number of Hours Within That Timeframe
After Gerald is arrested for wearing an expensive watch that was stolen in a robbery/homicide, Carter sneaks his cousin out of jail in order to use his street contacts to track down the killers. Recurring guest star KIRK FOX appears as Donovan.
3 Captain Cole's Playlist
When a young graffiti artist witnesses the murder of an LAPD detective, Carter and Lee must track down the artist in order to prove that a well-known criminal is responsible.
4 L.A. Real Estate Boom
When two people with no obvious connection receive similar notes and are then killed by targeted bombs in 24 hours, Carter and Lee have little to go on as they scramble to identify the bomber before he strikes again.
5 Assault on Precinct 7
When Lee’s sister, Kim (recurring guest star JESSIKA VAN), risks her life to tip him off about the Quantou gang trafficking women into Los Angeles, Lee leaves Carter in the dark while he gathers inside information about the gang’s plans to infiltrate the city. Recurring guest stars also include KIRK FOX as Donovan and STEELE GAGNON as Derrick.
6 Welcome Back, Carter
A student’s murder prompts Carter and Lee to go undercover as administrators at an elite high school where they learn the victim was really a police officer posing as a student to investigate illegal drugs on campus.
7 Badass Cop
After thwarting an armored truck robbery on a busy highway, Carter and Lee discover it may have been a dry run for a bigger heist, but the two detectives disagree on who the suspects are.
8 Wind Beneath My Wingman
A smitten Carter asks Lee to be his wingman with a beautiful witness, Nina (guest star JANEL PARRISH – Pretty Little Liars), who they are protecting before she testifies against her former menacing boss. Guest stars also include KIRK FOX as Donovan, ANDREW PATRICK RALSTON as Bill Herman and CARISSA BLADES as Jessica Herman.
9 Prisoner of Love
Detectives Carter and Lee hunt an escaped prisoner searching for his estranged wife and daughter who are in witness protection. When the pair goes missing, the detectives must find how their location was compromised.
10 Knock, Knock...House Creeping
Captain Cole enlists the help of Detectives Carter and Lee when she fears the return of a serial killer, after the recent disappearance of a young woman at a hotel believed to be haunted mirrors a series of chilling unsolved cases from five years ago.
11 O Hostage! My Hostage!
Carter and Lee discover that a hostage standoff they’re working at a concert hall is more than just a robbery gone wrong.
12 The Dark Night
When seemingly upstanding members of society are being publicly humiliated by a mystery man, Detectives Carter and Lee search for someone targeting powerful people with something to hide.
13 Familee Ties
When a meeting of rival Los Angeles gang lords is orchestrated by the Quantou gang, Carter and Lee must infiltrate it to find Lee’s sister Kim and save her from going further with the Quantou in the series finale.
101 Trailer
Introducing the first season of Rush Hour.
102 On the Set
A behind-the-scenes look at the first season of Rush Hour.

About this show

In Rush Hour, a reimagining of the blockbuster film franchise, a stoic, by-the-book, Hong Kong detective travels to Los Angeles to investigate a crime; there, he’s paired with an irreverent young cop who prefers working alone. The one-hour series features a multicultural cast, movie-style fight scenes and laugh-out-loud comedy.

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142 reviews
Wario Waluigi
September 17, 2016
Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker are better than these guys. Carter doesn't sound like Chris Tucker and Lee is Asian not American or British!
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Amber “Safi” Keys
July 21, 2017
I love this show I wish I could actuly bye it... So i could watch it on my phone. Its funny and entertaining and I was so sad they didn't make a second season :(
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Bianca Smith
June 10, 2016
I absolutely love this show! I actually like it better than the movies. Chris Tucker's character was always loud and obnoxious, but Justin Hiers is a perfect fit! I also love Jon Foo sense of cynicism. The onscreen relationship between all of the characters keeps me tuning in each week.
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