At Home With Amy Sedaris

2014 • truTV
29 reviews
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Volume 1 episodes (11)

1 Cooking for One
From solo meal preparation to tantalizing techniques for self-pampering, Amy demonstrates the independent bliss of the single lady lifestyle - until Amy's first guest, Greek chef Panos Sakkus, seduces her with his European charm.
With help from her fisherman ex-boyfriend, the community knife-sharpener, and her energetic neighbor, Amy prepares a fish dinner for a local group of businessmen. Plus, get ready for a lesson on lamb chops and a run-in with infectious earrings.
3 Gift Giving
Sometimes a homemade gift is better than anything money can buy, not often, but sometimes. Amy takes us deep into the craft room to give detailed instructions on: gluing things to popsicle sticks, working with pipe cleaners and surviving the craft room, "the most dangerous room in the house!" Amy presents her turtle sitter with a bevy of handmade gifts, and he reveals the moment of horror from his past that forever bonded him with turtles.
4 Entertaining for Peanuts
Amy's rich uncle is coming to visit, so Amy enlists the help of a hobo with a foot fetish and a neighbor with a platter fetish to prove that all it takes to appear rich is a little creativity.
5 Grieving
Happening upon a funeral, Amy dedicates this show to entertaining gloomy guests who need a pick me up. When she discovers the loss of a beloved pet, Amy sinks into her own dark place. In an attempt to be neighborly, Patty Hogg takes charge of the show and steers it into unchartered territory.
6 Nature
After performing her morning routine of outdoor Tai Chi in the nude, Amy gets locked out of her house. But she forages in the woods to put together a magical dinner. Plus, a chance bite by a venomous snake proves to be quite charming.
7 Holidays
An unforeseen mishap prevents Amy from continuing her celebrity-packed holiday spectacular, but with the help of some otherworldly visitors, Amy recaptures her holiday spirit and puts on a show! Oh, and the "mishap" is a cursed nutcracker.
8 Out of This World
What does it mean to push the boundaries of hospitality? To transport our appetites beyond the limits of reason? To take the seven-course meal into the fourth dimension? Find out tonight, when Amy takes you... Out of This World.
9 Making Love
Amy dedicates her entire show to the difficult craft of love-making. She learns about natural musk, offers viewers advice and shares tales of romance courtesy of Patty Hogg. Plus, Amy takes us through the craft step by step.
10 Murdercide
It was an award-winning show night like any other; Amy was having the book club over for paella when during a rainstorm, a curious stranger arrived on her doorstep. Then, a corpse was discovered. Was it murder? It was!
101 Sneak Peek
Check out this sneak peek of At Home with Amy Sedaris, Vol. 1!

About this show

Amy Sedaris cordially invites you into her home, where she will show off diverse but necessary homemaking skills, from creating popsicle-stick buddies and gutting a fish to making raisin necklaces and entertaining businessmen.

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29 reviews
Britteny Gilliam
May 24, 2024
I purchased Season 3 and none of the episodes will play. It keeps saying restart the app if problem persists. How do I get my money back? Season 1 worked for a while now that won’t play either. All my other purchases work.
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Jim Small
April 11, 2019
Hilarious! But where is episode 6? It's available on Amazon, so why not here? C'mon, Google Play. Get it together! I paid good money for this season!
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April 24, 2019
Why are the new episodes not being uploaded? I've contacted Google support multiple times, no answer. Do not buy this season on Google Play.
3 people found this review helpful
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