2009 • ABC
9.2K reviews
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Season 1 episodes (10)

1 Flowers For Your Grave
Mystery novelist Richard Castle works with New York police to find a killer
2 Nanny McDead
A young nanny is found dead.
3 Hedge Fund Homeboys
Castle and Beckett uncover the dark side of prep school teen culture.
4 Hell Hath No Fury
Castle and Beckett discover that dirty politics can be deadly.
5 A Chill Goes Through Her Veins
A woman found frozen at a construction site leads to reopen a cold case.
6 Always Buy Retail
A bizarre murder scene points to a ritualistic killing.
7 Home Is Where The Heart Stops
A wealthy socialite is found brutally murdered and stuffed inside a wall.
8 Ghosts
A murdered woman is found drowned in a tub of motor oil.
9 Little Girl Lost
Castle contends with Beckett's ex-boyfriend.
10 A Death in the Family
Castle and Beckett investigate the brutal murder of a plastic surgeon.

About this show

Castle is America's favorite crime author, and he's about to find inspiration for a new character in one of New York's finest detectives. Now his fame gives him an all-access pass to her cases and he's working her last nerve. But somehow, together, they're the perfect partners in crime.

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9.2K reviews
Canyon Forkash
July 14, 2017
Castle is by far the best TV show ever to air, and here is why... It is funny and manages to have good humor, it is romantic but not cliched, every episode is unique and different and engaging to the audience, the romance is waaaaaayyyy above the standard expectations and delivers beautiful moments of friendship and love to moments where you are crying. The casting is unbelievably good and going back to what I said earlier about the episodes being engaging, Caslte and Becketts life story from Becketts mother's murder yo senator bracken to the serial killer 3XK to even Loksat is so engaging that you get attached to the main characters. You are happy with them and in sad parts through out the movie you WILL cry because of the attachment you form to Castle and Beckett. It is sad to see this show end after 8 amazing seasons... I highly recommend you buy every single season and watch it through and through you will not be disappointed! This TV show has also gotten me through very tough times in my life thanks to memorable characters and incredible stories portrayed by amazing actors and actresses!
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Pamela Darlene Woodward
January 4, 2020
Was going to buy an episode with John m Jackson,I know he can make any lowbrow show look great.But I didn't wnt2 waste 1.99 just incase he was in just2 scenes.Can't take a chance on THIS show. It's so t.v Land-ish. The lead man is not funny@all &the love between professional's cop's is very Street level pedestrian.Both character's are over acting.And I can't believe he has ROOKIE.I GUESS I SHLD TRY ACTING. Sorry J.M.Jackson.Im sure it's the best episode and it's highest rating epp ever.You shine
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Anthony Naughton
March 2, 2019
ABC screwed up when they cancelled this show. It was definitely one of a kind with incredible chemistry throughout the entire cast, and every season, the storylines got more intense, more real, and so awesome to watch. I so severely miss Stana Katic and Nathan Fillion working together and their undeniable chemistry as a couple, as well as the rest of the amazing cast.
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