2011 • A&E
125 reviews
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Season 4 episodes (14)

1 Blast From the Past
The search for a pair of drug couriers uncovers an assassination plot and a surprising secret that Carrie thought she had put behind her.
2 Gut Check
Carrie and Al are drafted to transport an embezzlement trial's star witness to Florida.
3 Behind the Beat
A music student's murder leads Carrie and Al to an illegal nightclub owned by an Albanian mobster.
4 Dollars and Scents
Following her nose helps Carrie link the murders of a deli employee and a computer hacker to a seductively handsome securities dealer.
5 All In
An architect's murder leads Carrie to investigate a plot to rob an Atlantic City casino.
6 The Return of Eddie
The investigation into the murder of a freelance news photographer leads Carrie and Al to suspect it was more than a convenience store robbery gone awry.
7 We Can Be Heroes
Carrie and Al's investigation into young boy's kidnapping exposes a grudge harbored by a college classmate of the child's dad.
8 Breathing Space
Carrie and Delina go undercover to unravel the murder of a scientist who was training for a mission to Mars.
9 Shelter from the Storm
A hurricane forces Carrie and Al to seek refuge in a rundown precinct house and fend off a gang sent to free an elusive drug kingpin.
10 Game On
Carrie's investigation into the murder of a talented computer programmer exposes a successful businessman's secret.
11 About Face
A homeless man's accidental death exposes a kidnapping and murder that lead Carrie and Al to investigate a construction company's ties to a multi-state crime spree.
12 Bad Company
A former informant's murder threatens to expose Al and Russo's conspiracy to plant evidence that sent a corrupt cop to prison years ago.
13 Paranoid Android
When a shooter on the loose triggers a flashback that doesn't add up with Carrie's perfect memory, the team at Major Crimes discovers that a nefarious conspiracy is at play and trained killers are among them.
101 Preview: Season 4
A brand new season of Unforgettable, beginning November 27th!

About this show

Carrie Wells, a former NY Police detective, has a rare medical condition that gives her the ability to visually remember everything. She rejoins the force and uses her ability to solve crimes.

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125 reviews
J Lynn
December 28, 2015
So I ended up missing the first 5 episodes. Now I have to pay for them to get caught back up 😕 I wish they would've advertised it more. I had no clue it was coming back let alone on a totally diff network. I just got lucky and stumbled upon it going through my TV guide. I like to get on the guide and look ahead to see what's on and I found this. Was very happy then very sad when I realized I missed half the season. Anyhow, thank you A&E for rescesitating it for the 2nd time now.
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Shawnasi Spatola
May 1, 2019
Love this show! Wish it would have been on for more than 4 seasons, worse shows are on for longer than that. These characters have great chemistry, there's interesting story lines, plenty of intrigue, I just love it!
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Joy Silvia
July 9, 2020
Love this show I watch it everyday on start tv which I have find there is no app for total bummer but it is still on tv on regular channels (4.2) for anybody else with antennas attached to their tv lol but watch it all day and love the schedule!
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