Full House

1987 • ABC
2.9K reviews
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Season 1 episodes (22)

1 Our Very First Show
Danny Tanner, widowed father of three young and rambunctious girls, ages 9 months, 5 and 10 years, recruits his two buddies--his rock 'n' roller brother-in-law, Jesse, and his best friend, Joey, an infrequently employed stand-up comic--to move in and help him raise the brood.
2 Our Very First Night
The girls are rockin' when Uncle Jesse is left in charge of them for the night, but Danny is reeling when he arrives home to find Jesse conducting band practice.
3 The First Day Of School
Stephanie's reluctance to attend her first day of school disappears when Joey and Jesse visit her kindergarten class.
4 The Return Of Grandma
A frantic search for Jesse's missing pet turtle leaves the Tanner home disheveled, just before an unexpected visit from the guys' mothers.
5 Sea Cruise
Danny's all-male fishing trip turns into a love-boat cruise, complete with a female captain and an all-girl rock band.
6 Daddy's Home
When Danny hears Michelle call Jesse and Joey "Dada" he knows that he isn't spending enough time with his daughters and creates a father/daughter day.
7 Knock Yourself Out
Danny's audition for a job as a boxing announcer is a disaster. Meanwhile, the guys care for baby Michelle, who is sick with a cold.
8 Jesse's Girl
Jesse's dream girl turns into a nightmare when she stops dating him and starts dating Joey.
9 The Miracle Of Thanksgiving
The Thanksgiving holiday doesn't work out as planned when everyone teams up to prepare the feast but the results aren't exactly worth eating.
10 Joey's Place
Joey feels expendable when he prepares for a two-week comedy tour and the family starts acting like he's gone before he leaves.
11 The Big Three-O
Danny arrives at his surprise 30th birthday party only to discover that Jesse has accidentally driven his prized car into the bay.
12 Our Very First Promo
Members of the Tanner family are thrilled when they are chosen to appear in a local promotion at Danny's TV station. But their enthusiasm subsides when they discover show business is not as glamorous as they had thought.
13 Sisterly Love
Jesse suggests that D.J. audition for a commercial after she does well in a school performance. D.J. does well in her audition, but when she leaves the room, the part is given to Stephanie.
14 Half A Love Story
Jesse uses baby Michelle to get a date with one of Danny's co-workers, but when a girlfriend of Jesse's tells the story of how she met Jesse with Michelle, Jesse's date is postponed indefinitely.
15 A Pox In Our House
Danny is excited about the chance to play basketball with the Harlem Globetrotters, but when his family contracts chicken pox, finding a baby-sitter for Michelle seems impossible.
16 But Seriously, Folks
Joey's comic debut in front of a talent scout is jinxed when a member of the audience, Phyllis Diller, takes over his spot in the lineup.
17 Danny's Very First Date
Danny has not dated anyone since his wife's death one year ago. He becomes interested in the "hive mother" of Stephanie's "honeybee troop," but when his kids find out he might date the woman, their negative response surprises him.
18 Just One Of The Guys
D.J. is jealous of the guys when her cousin comes for a visit and spends most of his time roughhousing with Danny.
19 The Seven-Month Itch, Part 1
Unbeknownst to the family, Jesse leaves the house after becoming frustrated because of his lack of privacy.
20 The Seven-Month Itch, Part 2
The girls devise a scheme to bring their Uncle Jesse home after he leaves the house to find some privacy.
21 Mad Money
Jesse succeeds when he secretly plans an Elvis Presley tribute at a nightclub. Meanwhile, Joey attempts to pay back money that Danny lent him 11 years ago.
22 D.J. Tanner's Day Off
D.J. takes advantage of Joey's gullible nature by convincing him that she is sick so she can skip school and sneak down to the mall to get Stacey Q's autograph.

About this show

Comedian Bob Saget stars in this heartfelt comedy series as Danny, a widowed father raising three young daughters with the help of his rebel brother-in-law (John Stamos) and offbeat best bud (Dave Coulier). Living under one roof, these friends experience the trials of parenthood along with their fair share of laughs and life lessons.

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2.9K reviews
Kayleigh Couto
June 25, 2015
It is the BEST comedy show i ever watched it is very funny on a scale of 1 - 10 it would be a 10 so i loved it a- lot it is the best and what it's about is it starts out as a single father and his three little girls one is a almost a year old one is five and the oldest is ten. The youngest one. Is Michael the oldest one is D.J. ( Donna Joe ) and my favorite one is the MIDDLE child( Stefanie) . The father ( Danny) is letting his best friend and brother and law move in to help raze the girls.
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Carol Herdt
November 11, 2015
Agree with Gabriella Cintron. They could have done without Michelle. She is so annoying & very sassy. Other than that like the show. Love DJ, Stephanie, Kimmy, Nicky & Alex. The guys are pretty cool too. I especially like Joey because he's funny and always makes me laugh. Also like Becky, she is pretty, loves her kids & tries to keep Jesse in line.
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Emma-Lynn Anderson
March 28, 2016
I love full house I watch it every day that is like the one show I never miss I love the characters. Nicky and Alex are so sneaky and adorable Michelle she is so hilarious and super cute. Stephanie I love her catch phraze ( how rude ) . DJ she trys to be like an adult when she has her boyfriend over. Joey he is really good at doing comedy and I love mr wood chusck . Jessie and Becky they are really awesome parents to Nicky and Alex they are kind gentle and loving and Danny he is a great loving father!💘😂
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