Andi Mack

2017 • Disney Channel
1.78K reviews
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Vol. 3 episodes (12)

1 Better To Have Wuvved And Wost
Jonah tries to express his feelings for Andi through gifts, which proves not to be his forte. Buffy reveals she has to move, and Andi devises a plan for her to stay.
2 Perfect Day 2.0
Andi, Buffy and Cyrus try to make the most of their time together by attempting to recreate their "perfect day." Bowie teaches Jonah how to play the guitar.
3 Truth or Truth
When the power goes out in Shadyside, a day of fun and games shed light on unexpected revelations.
4 A Walker To Remember
Andi and Walker realize how much they have in common when they spend the day together. Buffy steps up to lead the team in T.J.'s place when he is side-lined.
5 Crime Scene: AndiShack!
A special craft project goes missing when Andi agrees to let Miranda's daughter spend the day at AndiShack. Jonah confides in Buffy and Cyrus.
6 Andi's Choice
Jonah finds a way to tell Andi how much he truly likes being around her. Meanwhile, Walker continues to make a positive impression on Andi and her friends.
7 For The Last Time
Andi, Cyrus and Jonah put together a farewell gift for Buffy's before her last day in Shadyside.
8 Buffy In A Bottle
Andi and Cyrus miss Buffy and can't reach her after her move. Andi receives a handmade gift from Walker that upsets Jonah.
9 Keep A Lid On It
Ham reveals surprising news to Andi and Bex. Jonah tries out for a regional league Ultimate team.
10 Bought, Lost Or Stolen
Andi runs into Walker at an art fair, and he meets Jonah for the first time. Bowie's relationship with Miranda hits a snag.
11 We're On Cloud Ten
Andi and Jonah go on their first date where she learns some sad news. Bex and Celia prepare for the grand opening of their business.
12 The Cake That Takes The Cake
Andi and Bex plan a special dinner for Bowie, but unexpected company drops in to crash the party.

About this show

Andi Mack has been raised to live on the safe side, sheltered by overprotective parents. But on the eve of her 13th birthday, Andi's free-spirited older sister Bex returns home with a revelation that changes everything, sending Andi on an uncharted course of self-discovery. Thankfully, she's anchored by her loyal best friends, Cyrus and Buffy, who are also figuring out their places in the world. Along the way, Andi learns that sometimes the unexpected is what makes life great.

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1.78K reviews
Harrison Blum
July 28, 2019
andi mack is one of my favorite shows on Disney channel it shows even if your diffrant you can still he awsome. It shows that theese characters have different ways thst are awsome about them like andi [peyton Elizabeth lee]when she found out her sister was her mother .Real shocker (season 1 episode 1) and when Jonah [Asher angel] starts having panic attacks he turns to Cyrus dad for help (Cyrus bash mitsvah ) Also when buffy [Sophia wylie] has a military parrent . When Cyrus says he is gay.
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T-Tyme Palmer
May 19, 2018
Amazing show. I'm even glad that they made cyrus gay for the younger lgbt kids who have trouble figuring themselves out you are not alone. I was like that at that age as well i had a show that's very mature but i watched anyway at 12yrs old no shows that was close to my age really so I'm really glad to see that. Besides that I'm just happy in general that there is good disney channel show still I'm 30 and I'm still watching Disney Channel. You are never too old for Disney. ~T-Tyme~
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Corbin Forester
June 24, 2019
Andi Mack is an incredible show geared towards older kids following a young Asian girl going through middle school with her friends. It tackles topics such as gun violence, peer pressure, homosexuality, teen pregnancy, and cultures (such as Jewish and Chinese cultures). This show is definitely recommended to anyone, for it is suitable for all ages and can possibly open several people's minds to things the might shy away from when they shouldn't. It is the most progressive show on Disney Channel.
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