Game Of Silence

2016 • NBC
56 reviews
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Season 1 episodes (11)

1 Pilot
Childhood friends confront a conspiracy between Texas state politics and organized crime when they reunite to avenge their harsh treatment at a juvenile correctional facility twenty-five years ago.
2 Blood Brothers
When he and his friends become suspects in Darryl’s Williams’ murder, Jackson vows to clear their names and build a case against Ray Carroll and Terry Bausch.
3 Hurricane Gil
Gil goes rogue during a surprise visit with an old guard from Quitman, but his behavior causes Jackson to question whether he can be a part of the revenge plan.
4 The Uninvited
Jessie decides to become involved after she learns what happened to the guys at Quitman. In other events, a shocking secret about Det. Winters is revealed.
5 Ghosts of Quitman
Jackson, Gil and Shawn return to Quitman to find answers about a former inmate’s disappearance; Marina is thrilled when she lands a big new client at the law firm.
6 Into the Black
Shawn seeks justice for Boots’ killer; Jackson suspects a larger conspiracy; and Diana Stockman convinces Marina to confront Jackson about his feelings for Jessie.
7 Road Trip
Jessie and Jackson look for clues at Ray Carroll’s hunting ranch; Shawn finds himself in a racially charged situation; and Gil goes on a wild bender.
8 Hey
In the wake of Terry’s loss of a loyal henchman, Jessie and Gil risk exposure to find information that incriminates Carroll.
9 The Truth
Jackson, Gil and Shawn are targeted in a murder investigation as they prepare to use incriminating photos to bring down Carroll.
10 She Sang Hymns Out of Tune
The FBI pays a surprise visit to Carroll; Jessie and Gil come up with a plan to expose Carroll; and Mariana holds a secret that could change Jackson’s life forevers.
101 First Look
Some secrets never let you go. Childhood friends reunite to exact vengeance on the people responsible for brutalizing them 25 years earlier.

About this show

In 1988, four adolescent best friends were sentenced to spend nine months in a
hellish juvenile detention camp after an ordinary teenage rebellion went terribly awry. Now
adults, they learn that the people who brutalized them have forged a corrupt alliance that
straddles both sides of the law. These friends reunite as to seek justice– and unleash a
hornet's nest of violence, emotion and secrets.

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56 reviews
Sheree Leblanc
March 5, 2018
Wow i been lookin for this show.I wish another network would make another episode this fit in with lot of the best lile power. Snow flake empire dame dame dame haters .
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Rita R.F. Baker
April 13, 2016
Gripping...could not turn away from it.
4 people found this review helpful
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Zyra L. F.
June 18, 2016
They cancelled Constantine and The Player for this.
1 person found this review helpful
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