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1974 • BBC
96 reviews
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Season 1 episodes (6)

1 New Faces, Old Hands
Norman Fletcher's hopes of having a cell to himself are ruined by the arrival of naive Brummie, Lennie Godber. It's Lennie's first stretch, and Fletch is going to have to teach him how to survive inside.
2 The Hustler
When gambling fever sweeps through Slade prison, there's no way that a loser like Ives is going to be left out of Fletch's game. They'll bet on anything, from which chicken will lay an egg next to a game of snakes and ladders. Only one thing's for sure - Fletch will always find a way to win.
3 A Night In
It looks like Fletch is stuck with Godber as a cellmate. He lays down some ground rules and then explains to Godber that the best way to cope with life inside is to see it as just a 'quiet night in'. The only trouble is, Godber has another 698 to go.
4 A Day Out
The rest of the working party are thrilled to have a day out, but Fletch is masking indifference - what's so exciting about digging a ditch anyway? When Mr Barraclough is left in charge of the motley crew, Fletch and the others are quick to take advantage.
5 Ways and Means
Who would want to spend eight hours a day sewing fishing nets? Not Fletch, who is hell-bent on a cushy job in the library. He needs to find a way back into McKay's good books and McLaren's rooftop protest might be just the opportunity.
6 Men Without Women
Fletch fancies himself as a bit of an agony aunt and is called upon by his fellow inmates to help out with affairs of the heart. When Fletch gets some shocking news from his daughter, it seems like he should have taken some of his own advice.

About this show

Classic sitcom set in HM Slade Prison starring Ronnie Barker and Richard Beckinsale. Habitual offender Norman Stanley Fletcher is doing five years of porridge at HM Slade Prison. He whiles away the time sharing his wealth of experience with his fellow inmates, particularly naive, young first-timer Lennie whom Fletch takes under his fatherly wing. Classic sitcom written by Dick Clement and Ian La Frenais. Winner of 9 awards including 5 BAFTAs, and an Emmy nomination.

Ratings and reviews

96 reviews
gleann nicolas
September 25, 2020
As long as someone always knows what's going-on, anyone articulate nowadays, you will see them before anyone else right? In this case porridge is always remembered as reminding us inside the nick, Fletcher was putting on the lights to hard times. This comedian never left the cell block a matter just got to work on having a right laugh with the authority that be! Made me feel a lot better, thanks to current state. The ones pressed to made cons was on the other hand no way around hardship of living within a poor story believable altogether to go home with. Today people have awoken to resist beyond their forefathers mistakes and with what was going-on. The actual artist that took it straight into prison then they can be seen whom just saw everything other than the battle was against the employed to do other within a depressive state. Work shy or consciously stood up for what they were and/ or forsaken to be them real selves and that is your call watching through? I mean will we ever see a change in local government tactics or when there don't have anyone other to slave about or either get the economy going and on cheap labour. People don't do anything other than workout the past and grow into a new level of conscious. How can there be justice towards when the person is cleaner. Without any laughter inside social isolation, then who knows what would happen probably that we would all end up on the streets nowadays homeless. Retrospectively-speaking from the North of England it is brilliant how porridge saved the cons heritage from prison, you must chill out first and just read however!
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Mark Wilson
May 5, 2019
I love this show, it's a classic along with Open All Hours, Ronnie Barker at his best, cheers me up watching these TV shows.
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Gary James
January 2, 2021
Best comedy off all time 🤣 But I think they should put it on blue Ray like all comedy like this one
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