The Blacklist

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Season 1 episodes (28)

1 Pilot
One of the most-wanted fugitives in the country turns himself in - under one condition: He'll only speak with newly minted profiler Elizabeth Keen
2 No. 216: The Freelancer
Red (James Spader) offers to turn over an elusive assassin whose next target is a high-profile anti-human-trafficking activist. Liz (Megan Boone) learns a troubling secret about her comatose husband. Guest starring Isabella Rossellini and Jane Alexander.
3 Wujing (No. 84)
Red (James Spader) takes Liz (Megan Boone) on an undercover assignment to bring down a freelance Chinese spy who's targeting CIA agents.
4 The Stewmaker (No. 161)
When a witness in the murder trial of a ruthless cartel boss disappears, Red (James Spader) leads Liz (Megan Boone) and Ressler (Diego Klattenhoff) on a search for the Blacklist's No. 161, a gruesome hit man known as the Stewmaker.
5 TThe Courier (No. 85)
Red (James Spader) leads Liz (Megan Boone) and Ressler (Diego Klattenhoff) in a hunt for a kidnap victim and his abductor -- The Blacklist No. 85, a secretive criminal courier whose inability to feel pain makes him impossible to stop. Liz uncovers evidence linking Tom (Ryan Eggold) to a Russian defector's unsolved murder.
6 Gina Zanetakos (No. 152)
Liz's (Megan Boone) search for corporate terrorist Gina Zanetakos (guest star Margarita Levieva) -- Blacklist No. 152 -- exposes a plot to detonate a radioactive bomb and uncovers evidence linking Tom (Ryan Eggold) to the murder of a Russian defector.
7 Frederick Barnes (No. 47)
Red (James Spader) leads Liz (Megan Boone) in the search for a deranged chemical weapons expert who unleashed a rare but fatal disease in the Washington, DC subway.
8 General Ludd (No. 109)
Red (James Spader) demands a deal from Cooper (Harry Lennix) before he'll agree to stop an anti-capitalist terrorist network's next deadly attack, while her dad's failing health reveals secrets in Liz's (Megan Boone) past.
9 Anslo Garrick (No. 16), Part 1
A fearless hit man mounts a brutal assault on the FBI's black site to settle an old score with Red (James Spader).
10 Anslo Garrick (No. 16), Part 2
After Red (James Spader) is kidnapped, Liz's (Megan Boone) search reveals the existence of a mole whose leaks threaten to bring down the task force. Liz's questions about her past put Tom (Ryan Eggold) back in the spotlight.
11 The Good Samaritan (No. 106)
As the hunt for a mole inside the FBI targets the Blacklist team, Liz (Megan Boone) uncovers a surprising connection between a serial killer and his victims. Red (James Spader) methodically tracks down those involved in the attempt on his life.
12 The Alchemist (No. 101)
As Red (James Spader) enlists activist whistleblowers in his search for the mole, Liz (Megan Boone) pursues a deranged scientist who's helped dozens of criminals escape by engineering and killing their genetic doubles.
13 The Cyprus Agency (No. 64)
As Liz (Megan Boone) heads up an investigation that exposes an adoption agency's shocking secret, Red's (James Spader) pursuit of the FBI mole identifies a surprisingly new suspect.
14 Madeline Pratt (No. 73)
Plans for Liz (Megan Boone) to steal an ancient statue rumored to contain some valuable espionage data pit Red (James Spader) against a respected businesswoman and former partner in crime (guest star Jennifer Ehle).
15 The Judge (No. 57)
Liz's (Megan Boone) search for a crusader who exacts justice for wrongful convictions exposes a coerced confession that puts Cooper (Harry Lennix) in her crosshairs. Red (James Spader) closes in on a link between the attack on the unit's black site and Tom (Ryan Eggold). Guest starring Dianne Wiest.
16 Mako Tanida (No. 83)
A revenge killing spree targets Ressler (Diego Klattenhoff) and exposes an FBI agent's link to a Yakuza gangster's criminal empire. As Red (James Spader) closes in, Jolene (guest star Rachel Brosnahan) presses Tom (Ryan Eggold) for more information about Liz (Megan Boone).
17 Ivan (No. 88)
A teenage hacker poses as a Blacklist cyber-terrorist and threatens to bring Washington D.C. to a halt. The investigation into Jolene's disappearance brings Liz (Megan Boone) closer to discovering Tom's (Ryan Eggold) secret.
18 Milton Bobbit (No. 135)
The team targets the Undertaker, a life-insurance figure who steers ordinary people into becoming contract killers. Elsewhere, Liz (Megan Boone) and Red (James Spader) try to unearth Tom's (Ryan Eggold) secrets.
19 The Pavlovich Brothers (No. 119-122)
The team targets brothers who specialize in abducting high-profile marks. Meanwhile, Liz (Megan Boone) patiently investigates the truth about Tom (Ryan Eggold).
20 The Kingmaker (No. 42)
A politician in Prague is framed for murder, triggering the team's effort to take down the Kingmaker, a shifty strategist who's behind the rise of powerful politicians. Meanwhile, Liz (Megan Boone) unearths a secret that Red (James Spader) has been hiding.
21 Berlin (No. 8)
Part 1 of 2. Liz (Megan Boone) concludes that she can't trust anyone and refuses to work with Red (James Spader) after the truth about her father's death is revealed. Red seeks to make amends and delivers a case the FBI can't turn down. Elsewhere, Liz divulges information about Tom (Ryan Eggold).
22 Berlin (No. 8): Conclusion
The explosive ending to the two part season finale
101 The Chosen One
Jon Bokenkamp, John Eisendrath, James Spader and the cast discuss the concept of The Blacklist and the inspiration behind the idea for the show.
102 Profiled: Meet The Team
Meet Raymond Reddington, Elizabeth Keen, Donald Ressler and Harold Cooper and discover what motivates these dynamic characters.
103 First Look
Executive Producer John Bokenkamp, James Spader and his co-stars talk about their new drama coming to NBC September 23rd.
104 The Stewmaker
Executive Producer Jon Bokenkamp and team talk about no. 161, the Stewmaker. Get an inside look into the writing process, character development and casting for this ominous Blacklister!
105 Anslo Garrick
Get an inside look at no. 16, the mercenary Blacklister Anslo Garrick! The Blacklist team discusses creating a true adversary for Red and how the season changed once the post office was breached.
106 Rogues' Gallery
Take a rare look inside the creative process with executive producer Jon Bokenkamp and team as they break down this season's gallery of villains. From inspiration for the Blacklisters to the creation of the various criminal masterminds, join the writers, producers and cast as they give us a glance into the writers room.

About this show

The world's most wanted criminal, Raymond Reddington, mysteriously turns himself in and offers to give up everyone he has ever worked with. His only condition is that he will only work with a newly minted FBI agent with whom he seemingly has no connection.

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14.8K reviews
Keith Dinnen
February 5, 2014
I have heard fans of this show comparing it to Showtime's Homeland. That is laugable. This is more like 24 only less believable, often implausible and ridiculous. It makes me wonder if Americans really believe this is how our intelligence agencies operate. In the first episode he is a super terrorist who is as dangerous as Hannibal Lector, a couple episodes later he is running or intelligence operations. The bar for network television is loooooow.
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Ismari Harris
August 10, 2019
I love James Spader as an actor...everything I have ever seen him in makes it a win win for me. I am not a crime story fanatic but I am a fan of his. He could read the dictionary and make this recitation at the very least interesting. I hope there are more seasons of this show...and I hope hope he can do a movie or a play. I am there. I loved the show so much that I bought the last season instead of waiting for Netflix to catch up. Thanks to the cast entirely for making such a funny and riveting show. One final note...the thing that makes this such a great show also are all the wacky supporting actors; many not young, many probably considered past their prime. OMG...they add a layer of curious and wonderful taste to an already delicious dish. See this show; binging is inevitable.
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Donna Cockman
March 2, 2023
My husband is the one that found the show I think I was working one night and come in and he had it playing on Netflix and oh my gosh he is not a TV watcher or anything of the sort. He is a worker that's all he usually does but he couldn't wait to get home to watch next episode or catch up from where he left off the night before until we have literally watched the whole thing staying up to 3:00am. The show definitely keeps you on your toes in suspense hopefully they'll keep making more.
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