Night Court

1984 • NBC
366 reviews
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Season 1 episodes (13)

1 All You Need Is Love
A young and unusual judge arrives in Manhattan's night court and begins deciding cases in a most unusual manner, much to the horror of his court clerk and all else in the courtroom.
2 Santa Goes Downtown
Harry (Harry Anderson), the wacky night court judge, meets more than his match in a Santa Claus (JEFF COREY) who swears he's just winding down from Christmas and a teenaged shoplifter (MICHAEL J. FOX) who hopes to grow up as a 20th century Attila the Hun.
3 The Former Harry Stone
A man (JOEY ARESCO) is brought before Harry (HARRY ANDERSON) for disorderly conduct after learning his bride-to-be (JUDY LANDERS) was once a nude centerfold in a men's magazine. Simultaneously, a reporter (TERRY KISER) threatens to expose Harry's criminal past, thereby ruining his career.
4 Welcome Back, Mama
An elderly lonely woman (JANIS PAIGE) surprises Judge Harry Stone (HARRY ANDERSON) when she claims to be his long-lost mother; and a bevy of international beauties are duped by a sleazy beauty pageant promoter (PAUL KREPPEL).
5 Eye of The Beholder
The night court staff tries to boost the spirits of burly bailiff Bull Shannon (RICHARD MOLL), who signs up as a volunteer father, then learns he's been rejected because the organization believes his size and appearance would frighten children.
6 Death Threat
The life of Judge Harry Stone (HARRY ANDERSON) seems doomed when a cryptic death threat, wrapped around a rock, comes flying through the window, causing, pandemonium in the courtroom.
7 Once In Love With Harry
While attorney Dan Fielding (JOHN LARROQUETTE) seems to be losing the city council election to a dead man, a seemingly naive Judge Harry Stone (HARRY ANDERSON) is surprised to learn a hooker, Carla B. (RITA TAGGART), has been frequenting his courtroom because she's fallen in love with him.
8 Quadrangle of Love
Prosecutor Dan Fielding (JOHN LARROQUETTE) explodes in a jealous rage after learning his attractive new assistant (CAROLINE McWILLIAMS) is dating other men on the night court staff--among them Judge Harry Stone (HARRY ANDERSON).
9 Wonder Drug
Court clerk Lana Wagner (KAREN AUSTIN) upsets the courtroom with bizarre and unpredictable behavior brought on by a reaction to prescribed medication to fight a virus, but it's Judge Harry Stone (HARRY ANDERSON) who must cope with her suddenly overactive libido.
10 Some Like It Hot
Judge Harry Stone (HARRY ANDERSON) charges a Russian immigrant (YAKOV SMIRNOFF) with selling stolen merchandise, but the man threatens to set himself on fire if he's sent to jail.
11 Harry and The Rock Star
Judge Harry Stone (HARRY ANDERSON) falls for a popular rock star (KRISTINE DeBELL), but the romance begins to interfere with order in the courtroom when a group of punk rockers converges on the court looking for their idol.
12 Bull's Baby
Bailiff Bull Shannon (RICHARD MOLL) worries the staff when he starts coming to work late and looking like he hasn't slept for months. Perhaps the new baby he has acquired is causing his exhaustion!
13 Hi Honey, I'm Home
Judge Harry Stone (HARRY ANDERSON) confronts a legal ambiguity as he decides the case of a veteran (CHARLES NAPIER) declared legally dead while missing-in-action who escapes and returns home to his wife (MARCIA RODD) only to find she has a new husband (BASIL HOFFMAN).

About this show

Presiding over the New York's NIGHT COURT, Judge Harry T. Stone always finds his cases a little bit silly, but it's up for debate whether his motley crew of staff or the criminals for whom he dispenses justice are more bizarre. Enjoy the law and disorder that made this hilarious '80s sitcom one of the top shows of its time.

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366 reviews
Jack Mack
June 12, 2020
I love this show. Wacky and heartfelt, the cast play their parts pitch perfectly. Wether sex crazed Dan or good hearted Bull or even repressed goody two shoes Christine, everyone is just incredibly cast. And Harry is a wise beyond his years, hiding it with youthful childishness. All in the best ways possible.Plus Mac and Roz are played as though they were playing themselves. Everyone did. Great show. One of my all time favorite shows.
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Deirdre Kirk
August 20, 2016
Once seeing this show you hooked gotta love it.My stepfather may he rest in peace use to watch it all the time.I was a lol girl once I heard there voices I'd get comfortable an we would crack up .great childhood memories.would love to see them now.t.v just ain't like the good ol days.
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Justin Nowak
April 20, 2014
Loved the show when I was a kid and still love it now Dan Fielding how can u go wrong. Roz isnt in the show until season 4-5 but when she starts the show was even better, Mac, Bull, Harry 2good
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