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Mountain Goats

2015 • BBC
5 reviews

Season 1 episodes (8)

1 Homeless
Jimmy’s burnt down his house with a dropped fag and is secretly living in the bar at night. Jules turfs him out immediately and the others all know better than to let him stay with them. Jimmy decides to live rough in his old tent and the others take pity and set up a fund raising campaign to help him. Meanwhile, Conor is feeling oppressed by his mum and leaves home in a strop. Jimmy takes advantage and moves into Conor’s old room. Who will win this battle of wits and territory? Conor will of course.
2 Fitness
Bernie is livid when she discovers that Jimmy has falsified the team's fitness reports and they must all undergo a gruelling fitness regime or face closure. Young Conor takes it upon himself to whip these flabby alcoholics into shape, or die trying. He quickly finds out there are certain problems that science cannot solve, namely Jimmy, Bill and Bernie. Jules reluctantly installs a fruit machine at the brewery's request and immediately becomes addicted to it. She then chases her losses and develops a wider addiction to gambling.
3 Dogs
Jimmy loses Bill's favourite dog and moves heaven and earth to find it again. He's so hell bent on getting there first that he sabotages his rivals, Inverkelly Rescue, from their recovery. When Bill gets wind of this outrage he disappears into the hills. Now Jimmy will sacrifice everything to recover his oldest pal and right this terrible wrong. Meanwhile, Jules is trying to attract a classy group of older ladies to her gourmet night, but Jimmy and his slightly less classy squad are never far away - constantly undermining her chances of success.
4 Famous
Jimmy accidentally injures a boy, but is lauded for his bravery in then rescuing him. Jimmy basks in the glory of his newfound status and embarks on a fevered campaign of freeloading and self-aggrandisement. The truth, that he caused the boy's injury, remains hidden. Jules then gets wind of his secret at the Highland Man of The Year Awards. Jules has been losing punters due to her blunt approach to customer service. She undergoes a 'caring for customers' course, but her new techniques are tested to their limit when she is forced to serve an insufferable Jimmy at his awards bash.
5 Lover
Jimmy falls in love with a woman, Jane, who seems to be just like him. After a whirlwind romance which baffles and sickens the others, Jimmy finds out she is working for a brewery that wants to modernise his beloved Old Goat bar. Thrown, he falls out with his new love, then quickly decides he can't live without her and proposes marriage. Jules gets a boost when a 'bar czar' comes to visit, and helps fund some changes in the Old Goat bar. The woman is later revealed to be Jane, and Jimmy's relationship with her gets in the way of Jules' business.
6 Liar
Jimmy tries his best on his 2000th rescue to help a fallen woman, Irene, out of a big hole. It transpires that Irene's injuries are a false claim to swindle money from the Old Goat Volunteers. Unaware that Irene is trying to con everyone, the team oblige in helping her but Jimmy knows she's lying. His attempts to persuade the others prove difficult with his reputation as well-established fibber. Meanwhile Jules is decorating her spare room with the help of Conor, who she finds increasingly irresistible. Will she make a move?
101 Behind the Scenes
Go behind the scenes of Series 1 of the new comedy Mountain Goats.
102 Outtakes
Outtakes from series 1 of the new comedy Mountain Goats.

About this show

Mountain Goats is a hugely energetic studio sitcom set around the antics of a ragtag group of Mountain Rescue volunteers. It celebrates the greatest part of Scotland, the Highlands, with proper kilt-wearing maniacs fighting disaster on a weekly basis against the stunning backdrop of the Glencoe hills. Brimming with life and filmed in the full beam colour of the countryside, Mountain Goats offers up ideal escapism to all those with a head for heights and a spirit of adventure. When our heroes aren't out rescuing people, or being rescued themselves, they spend their time in 'The Old Goat' pub - a place of great warmth and camaraderie, where people come in for a quick pint and never want to leave.

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5 reviews
A Google user
February 9, 2019
Very very funny
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