Fasten Your Seatbelt

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Season 1 episodes (6)

3 #104
A belligerent passenger is tased on the plane and it still doesn't stop his rampage. A violent altercation knocks out a flight attendant's tooth. Passengers look out their windows and see a man on the wing of their plane.
4 #103
A doctor is wounded and dragged off of a domestic flight. Women strip down on camera at a security checkpoint. A SWAT team locks down a New York airport for a security sweep. Plus, travelers try boarding with some risqué items.
5 #105
An attacker with a machete brings havoc to the airport security line. Vacationers test their strength against the power of jet engines and it doesn't end well. And a celebrity gets vicious with a rental car agent.
6 #106
An entire plane is evacuated after one passenger's tirade. A man breaks into a small airport and causes massive destruction. Travelers air out their dirty laundry in coach. And an attempted kidnapping is caught on airport security video.
7 #108
A tornado touches down in St. Louis and tears through their small airport. Unruly passengers make attempts to rush the cockpit doors of different airplanes. And a bag starts smoking uncontrollably in the airport, causing people to race for the exits.
8 #107
Airport staffers rush to the rescue, after a curious toddler takes a joyride on the baggage carousel. A pilot in command attempts to sneak a bottle of vodka onto his flight.

About this show

Whether it's caught on surveillance cameras or by cell phones of passengers, host Robert Hays will take viewers through moments that range from shocking to heartwarming.

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