Charmed to Death

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Season 1 episodes (8)

1 Seduced to Kill
A beautiful blonde seduces various lovers in a small-town, causing havoc. It isn't until an unlikely witness steps forward and another tragic death occurs that the village becomes aware there is a cunning and charming killer in their midst.
2 A Life in Jeopardy
When a Jeopardy-winning colleague romances Linda Kinkade, it seems she's won the jackpot until she dies mysteriously. It will take a wily cold-case cop to uncover an overlooked clue to put a killer behind bars.
3 Wanted: Killer Chef
Single mom, Margie Danielsen, falls in love with a handsome chef. But when an episode of "America's Most Wanted" airs, she realizes she may be far too close to a fugitive and must risk her life to bring him to justice.
4 A Ruthless Repertoire
When a dance instructor waltzes into widower Alan Helmick's life, he is elated - until someone inspired by the movie "No Country for Old Men" puts an end to his dreams. It will take a savvy team of investigators to bring a killer to justice.
5 In Search of Mr. Wright
Kathi Spiars believes she's finally met Mr. Right when an ex-CIA agent gives her everything she's ever wanted. But the honeymoon is over when she discovers a dark secret and then chooses to risk her life to bring an elusive killer to justice.
6 Dispatched
Policeman Glenn Turner is over the moon when a beautiful 911 dispatcher woos him with luxurious gifts -- until he dies suddenly from natural causes. When a second man dies unexpectedly, his family searches for the truth to stop a cold-blooded killer.
7 The Beauty Is a Beast
Dewayne Barrentine thinks he's found the perfect mother for his young son -- until he stumbles on a mysterious message from another mother looking for her own missing son. Dewayne risks his life to put together the pieces of a missing person's case.
8 Alien Queen Killer
When Girly Chew meets a charming doctor, she believes her American dream has come true. Her co-workers become alarmed when she goes missing, and investigators are confronted with a bizarre case involving UFOs and alien queens.

About this show

Temptation, deceit and betrayal give rise to murder in each episode of this riveting true crime series exploring salacious and shocking cases of killer seduction.

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