Drop Dead Diva

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Season 01 episodes (13)

1 Drop Dead Diva Pilot
Dramedy about an uninspired model-in-training who suddenly dies and finds her soul entering an overweight, less attractive female attorney.
2 The F Word
A plus-sized cocktail waitress' workplace discrimination lawsuit helps Jane come to terms with her new body.
3 Do Over
While retrying a lawsuit against a company whose work rules caused an employee's death, Jane's emotional outburst lands her in jail; Grayson and Kim sue a psychiatrist who claims to cure multiple personality disorder.
4 The Chinese Wall
Though Kim is excited when she and Jane are assigned a lawsuit for David Beckham, she's disappointed when, rather than the soccer star, their new client turns out to be a golden retriever. According to his despondent owner Wallace Haft, this David Beckham is a clone he paid $200,000 for after his first dog, the prize-winning David Beckham I, died. But because the new dog is just a shadow of his genetic predecessor, Wallace wants his money back. Jane's day then takes an unexpected turn when Deb's mother, Bobbi Dobkins, shows up wanting to hire Grayson to represent her in a divorce. Stunned by the news that Deb's parents are splitting up, Jane discovers that Grayson is already representing her dad and, with Parker's blessing, she signs on as Bobbi's lawyer.As the trial gets underway, Wallace documents everything Beckham I could do that his new dog cannot. But when the defense lawyer blames the new pup's poor performance on its owner, the judge is inclined to dismiss the suit once genetic tests proving Beckham II's lineage are confirmed. Realizing that Joe and Grayson have been planning the divorce for some time, Jane uses her intimate knowledge of the family to get as much as she can for Bobbi. However, when her mom accidentally leaves her phone at the office, Jane discovers that she has been seeing someone else. Meanwhile, as Fred redoubles his efforts to woo Stacy, Jane must fend off the advances of Hank, a courtroom bailiff whom she dated prior to the gunshot wound that changed her life.Reeling from the shock of Bobbi's affair, Jane looks for answers at the house where Deb grew up. But when Bobbi drops by the office to explain that her marriage was a sham perpetrated for Deb's benefit, Jane refuses to represent her. Upon seeing some suspicious video footage, Jane sends Teri and Bobbi to a dog show for a DNA sample from the winning golden retriever. Though tests prove that David Beckham II was just one of four clones that were produced and Jane and Kim convince the lab to settle, Wallace realizes how fond he's grown of his new dog and asks to keep him. Finally, as Fred sees a small chink in Stacy's armor, Jane gently lets Hank down as she watches Grayson and Parker put the final touches on the Dobkins' divorce.
5 Lost & Found
Though she's looking forward to working alongside Grayson for the first time, Jane is disappointed when Kim replaces her so she can represent Michael Fernandez, who was recently released after spending ten years in prison for a murder he didn't commit. While Michael is happy with the $15,000 he's been offered by the Compensation Board, Jane isn't. However, after hearing from D.A. Henry Callahan, who was responsible both for putting Michael behind bars and then releasing him after another man confessed to the crime, the board denies Jane's request and awards Michael nothing at all. Meanwhile, Grayson is uncomfortable with defending Barry Schuster, the owner of a website that helps married people arrange extramarital affairs. And upon discovering that it's her birthday, Jane learns she is now eight years older than Deb.Despite being under fire from Parker for antagonizing Callahan, Jane decides to sue the D.A. Though she's unhappy to learn that the real killer died five years ago, after reviewing his confession and the testimony of an eyewitness, Jane concludes that, because the killer drank a soda and ate a box of Cracker Jacks as he fled the scene, Callahan should have realized that the diabetic Michael couldn't have committed the crime. Meanwhile, though Kim has no problem with the case, Grayson struggles to come up with a closing argument in defense of a client who he finds reprehensible.After Jane convincingly argues that the D.A.'s zeal to get re-elected drove him to do nothing when faced with the evidence of her client's innocence, Callahan offers Michael $100,000 for his wrongful imprisonment. And though Jane wants more, Michael accepts the offer so he can get on with his life. Finally, as the settlement saves Jane's job, Grayson wins over the jury to Schuster's side after claiming that while he finds his website repugnant, his client isn't the one who really causes marriages to fall apart. And after Kim rebuffs Schuster when he suggests having an affair while his wife is away, Jane uses her birthday party to send a passionate message to Grayson.
6 Second Chances
Jane defends a woman who has been a model citizen after fleeing a murder charge 20 years ago.
7 The Magic Bullet
Jane goes after a popular diet guru whose weight loss plan has endangered a teenage girl's health, while Kim is sued for sexual harassment by a former assistant.
8 Crazy
While preparing for a reunion with her prom date, Jane defends an eccentric businessman, while Kim sues on behalf of a woman who canceled her wedding after she found her fiancé in bed with her best friend.
9 The Dress
After being shown the door at a trendy boutique because of her size, Jane takes on the store and their designer for refusing to manufacture and sell clothes for larger women.
10 Make Me A Match
During one of their Scrabble sessions, Judge Madeline Summers notes that the $25,000 she spent on a dating service Jane recommended hasn’t produced a suitor. Though the judge is resigned to losing her money, Jane insists that matchmaker Diana Hall’s guarantee of a second date is grounds for a refund. However, in the wake of a settlement conference with Diana and her lawyer, Tony Nicastro, Jane suggests that Madeline give the dating service one more chance at an upcoming mixer. Meanwhile, with her co-counsel Grayson, Kim represents Lily Wells, a psychic who is suing her sister, Tessa, for illegally competing against the business they inherited from their father. And as Lily’s psychic powers hint that she knows something about Grayson’s late girlfriend, Deb, Jane is stunned when Fred suddenly reappears to resume his courtship of Stacy.After comforting Fred over the fact that Stacy doesn’t remember him, Jane joins Madeline at the mixer. The judge is once again disappointed, until Diana introduces her to Martin Donnelly. Yet, after Stacy reveals that Donnelly is an actor she worked with in a commercial, Jane decides to sue after realizing he’s part of Diana’s ruse to fool her client. Meanwhile, as Nicastro tries to interest Jane in a date, evidence that Lily and Tessa were once close prompts Grayson to arrange a séance to reunite the sisters with their late father. And as part of his campaign to woo Stacy, Fred worms his way back into his old job at the law firm.Although Jane makes a strong case for a refund, Nicastro unleashes a torrent of evidence that paints Madeline as too picky about her men to ever be truly satisfied. When the judge hearing the case is inclined to agree, an embarrassed Madeline storms out of the courtroom. Buying some time, Jane then discovers that several of Diana’s clients have criminal records that would disqualify them according to her service’s high standards. Finally, as Jane gets Madeline a full refund, but not before finding her a date amidst the pile of rejected suitors, Grayson’s ploy successfully reunites Tessa and Lily. And as Fred’s efforts to reconnect with Stacy fall flat, Jane takes her cues from Lily and decides to give Nicastro a call.
11 What If?
While coping with her mother's unexpected visit, Jane looks to prove that a shy law office temp was accidentally switched at birth with another baby.
12 Dead Model Walking
Jane defends a supermodel against charges that she murdered her con man husband; a pro bono case for an elderly woman who's fighting a real estate developer exposes differences between Grayson and Kim.
13 Grayson's Anatomy
As Jane ponders the implications of Grayson and Kim's breakup, Stacy introduces her to Lina Martinez, a Cupid's Whisper lingerie model who is suing the retailer because she was fired after revealing she had breast cancer. Just as Jane is about take the case, however, Parker orders her to represent Eric Hayes, a promising minor league baseball player whose pitching arm was irreparably damaged during a surgery performed by Dr. Marla Dumont. So when Grayson is assigned to handle Lina, Stacy steps up to help. And with the Hayes case rumored to be a pathway to partnership, Kim reluctantly agrees to assist Jane. Meanwhile, Jane is taken aback when Tony asks her to join him for a weekend in wine country. But when Grayson absentmindedly admits to having dreams about Jane, Stacy convinces her to hold off on accepting Tony's invitation.Though Lina testifies that the surgery was meant to preserve her ability to work, the company's lawyer accuses her of hiding her illness until after she signed a new contract. And despite Stacy's enthusiasm for the case, Grayson asks her to tone it down in court. Meanwhile, after refusing to settle, Jane sets out to prove that Dr. Dumont's carelessness ruined Eric's chance at a successful baseball career. Yet, as Kim accuses Jane of trying to sabotage her future at the firm, Teri excitedly prepares for her boss becoming a partner.In the face of Grayson's claim that firing Lina represents a double standard, the company's CEO cites market research showing that news of the model's surgery would have caused a drop in sales. But when Lina strips down to her lingerie in the courtroom, he admits he was wrong and even offers her a hefty raise to come back to work. Finally, Kim's evidence proving Dr. Dumont performed Eric's surgery after staying out all night helps Jane win the case. However, when Jane discovers that Eric and the doctor conspired to get a multimillion-dollar settlement so they could run away together, she puts her law license at risk by exposing them. And as she accepts the fact that she has derailed her chances to make partner, Jane is stunned when a man named Ethan arrives at the office claiming to be her husband.

About this show

When beautiful-but-vapid model wannabe Deb (D'Orsay) has a fatal car accident, she suddenly finds herself in front of Heaven's gatekeeper, Fred (Feldman), who declares her a self-centered “zero.” Outraged, she attempts to persuade Fred to return her to her shallow existence but is accidentally relegated to the body of the recently deceased Jane Bingum (Elliott). A brilliant, thoughtful and plus-size attorney with a loyal assistant, Teri (Cho), Jane has always lived in the shadow of her more comely colleagues whereas Deb has always relied on her external beauty. Now, by a twist of fate and a bolt of divine intervention, Deb must come to terms with inhabiting Jane's curvier frame in the ultimate showdown between brains and beauty.

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1.53K reviews
Jennifer Ewing
July 8, 2013
I'm straightup calling out whoever gave the description of Jane to being a fatphobic. That is fatphobia right there folks. Seriously going to call the actress who portrays Jane as "fugly"? C'mon now. That is DISTASTEFUL, RUDE and IRRELEVANT. Her weight and looks are irrelevant to her character and to the storyline. Sure, she was a model put into a different body with a new body type, and who had different fashion senses. That's all. I'm appalled at the description, google play. FIX IT!
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Raven S.
July 10, 2013
The description is so off. The person who wrote it is either a tanorexic gym Nazi or thinks super skinny is the only sexy beauty around. Well in the words of stacy " kiss ma a$$" remove the stereo typical body checking tiny minded sludge off the discription. Jane and the actress who plays her are Sexy Beautiful. Grow up and stop acting like a 12 year old boy this is a public forum did you actually think your ignorance would boad well with anyone who loves the show... what a 1st seaon kim move.
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A Google user
February 20, 2019
Why would they allow the "Drop Dead Diva" to be show beside a fat troll lady? HAS to be a womans doing. Fat people can't be beautiful, that's why we call them fat. Cheeseburger eating blimp of a cosmetic challenge.
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