Monica the Medium

2015 • Freeform
44 reviews
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Season 1 episodes (10)

1 Blind Date Surprise
Meet Monica, a college-aged medium who's trying to balance school, boys, and talking to the dead. Monica is set up on a blind date but will the spirits from the other side intervene?
2 Spirit at Work
Monica's bills are mounting up so she decides to get a part-time job, but will spirit take a back seat to work?
3 Spirit Needs an Office
When Monica's roommates grow annoyed with her taking up too much shared living space for her growing business, she decides to create a home office in an unused part of the house.
4 Junior Slump
Monica finds herself struggling with school, so she decides to enlist the help of an attractive tutor.
5 Heaven on Hold
Monica's sisters are in town for a weekend to celebrate Vanessa's promotion at work, but when Monica gets continually sidetracked by Spirit, her sisters become upset.
6 Bun in the Oven
Monica's father visits town on a break from work in Afghanistan, and Monica is excited for him to finally see her do a reading in person.
7 Missing Person
Monica finds a missing-persons flier in town and feels compelled to meet the family to see if she can give any help. But because she's never done this before, she calls her medium mentor, Maureen Hancock, to come join her. Will they come up with leads to provide the family hope or closure?
8 Road Trip
Monica and her roommates decide to get away for a long weekend, but Spirit won’t let Monica take time off from giving readings.
9 Finals Week
It's crunch time for Monica and she is struggling to pass all of her classes. Of course it doesn't help that she is sidetracked by her most romantic date in years with potential beau, Mitch.
10 Stay or Go
Monica is nervous about doing her first group reading with mothers who have lost their children. Between feeling the emotions of the room and being worried that all the Spirits will come forth at once, Monica starts to panic.

About this show

New reality series Monica The Medium follows Monica, a junior at Penn State who is also a medium. The show followers her journey as she balances school, friends, family, relationships and her ability to talk to the dead.

Ratings and reviews

44 reviews
Cheri L. Henderson
November 10, 2018
Monica is not a nonsense Medium she is the real deal with real life ability. Shes #1 in my book.
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Angelia Evans
September 22, 2015
Haven't seen it yet, but I love the trailers. Can't wait!!!
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Silence Gallegos
April 26, 2016
I believe in people who have that special need.
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