Ray Donovan

2013 • Showtime
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Season 1 episodes (17)

1 The Bag or the Bat
Ray's life is thrown into absolute turmoil when his father Mickey unexpectedly gets out of prison five years early, kills a priest, and arrives in LA, vowing to take revenge on Ray for framing him. Meanwhile, Ray's mentor, Ezra Goldman, and his law partner, Lee Drexler, need Ray to find a way to get a "straight" action star out of a scandal with a transsexual. Ray must also protect a beautiful singer from a stalker, but the case leads to tension between him and his wife, Abby.
2 A Mouth is a Mouth
Ray activates a plan to send his father Mickey back to prison. Meanwhile, Abby defies Ray and spends the day with Mickey and her kids. Ray handles two crises involving movie star clients: A-list actor Sean Walker receives a threatening message at home, and action hero Tommy Wheeler is blackmailed with a sex video.
3 Twerk
Mickey spends time with Bunchy and Terry, insinuating himself back into their lives. Ray "buys" a talented hip-hop artist for his rapper neighbor. Ray's mentor, Ezra Goldman, holds a fundraiser in honor of his late wife, but he's haunted by the sins of his past. Meanwhile, Mickey is approached by an FBI agent with a Hollywood obsession.
4 Black Cadillac
Ray, Abby, and the kids visit Bel Air Academy, hoping Bridget will get into the prestigious school, but the day is interrupted when Ray has to take care of a case at a Beverly Hills hotel. Mickey, Bunchy and Daryll drive out to Palm Springs to visit Mickey's ex-girlfriend, Claudette. Terry starts a romance with his nurse, Frances. Ray finds out that the murder investigation against Mickey has been shut down.
5 The Golem
Ezra has an accident and needs emergency medical attention. Terry and Frances grow closer but things may not be what they seem. Bunchy receives his settlement check and starts house hunting; Mickey unexpectedly visits Ezra to hash out the past. Later, Ray and Avi learn some very unsettling news.
6 Housewarming
Ray tries to shut down Van Miller's investigation by creating an incriminating video. Ezra is prepped for surgery, but he wanders off. Bunchy moves into his new house, but the housewarming party gets out control. Ray finds out that Mickey put his kids in danger and goes after him.
7 New Birthday
Ray forbids Bridget from seeing Marvin but she visits him anyway and has a frightening encounter. Meanwhile, Ray flies to Boston to search for Sully. Abby and Deb commiserate over drinks and get themselves into trouble. Frank tries to shut down Van Miller's investigation. Mickey manipulates Sean into working with him on a movie project.
8 Bridget
Ray, Terry, and Bunchy toast the anniversary of their sister Bridget's death. Frances shows up with a black eye, and Terry goes after her husband. Ray and Avi use force to get Bunchy's house money back. Mickey meets a former starlet at a spa. Meanwhile, Lena and Avi go after Van's investigations, and Lena has an altercation with her girlfriend.
9 Road Trip
Avi drives Sully from Boston to Los Angeles to meet with Ray. Conor wants to go to an awards show with Tommy Wheeler, but Ray has to get Tommy out of a situation that threatens his career first. Lena digs up Frank's secrets to get him to cooperate. Mickey works with the FBI to get incriminating evidence against Sean Walker.
10 Fite Nite
Ray and the family go to Fite Nite at the Donovan Fite Club. Meanwhile, Ray's plan with Sully is put in to action. Mickey has a rendezvous with an unlikely lady. Bunchy encounters someone from his past, sending him into a tailspin.
11 Bucky Fuckin' Dent
Bunchy has a violent encounter with someone from his past. Ray is called to the Donovan Fite Club to handle a situation that has escalated in to a crisis. Ray meets with Ezra who pressures him about Sully, Mickey and the FBI. The police question Mickey about a recent murder. Ray sends Avi to protect Abby and the kids from Sully.
12 Same Exactly
Ray and Avi find Eddie on the run with Sully's money. Mickey gets kicked out of Bunchy's apartment. Later, Ray puts the word out that America's Most Wanted has been spotted in Santa Monica. Abby and the kids hide out at a swank Malibu resort. Ezra proposes to Deb.
101 About Ray Donovan
A first look at Showtime's original drama series, Ray Donovan, starrring Emmy(R) and Golden Globe(R) Award nominee Liev Schreiber as LA's go-to guy who makes the problems of the city's celebrities, superstar athletes, and business moguls disappear.
102 Pooch Hall Video Diary
Pooch Hall gives a behind the scenes tour of the Ray Donovan set.
103 Liev Schreiber Profile
Liev Schreiber discusses his life and career from the bright lights of Broadway, to his critically acclaimed role as the titular character in Showtimes new original drama series, Ray Donovan.
104 Jon Voight Profile
Golden Globe(R) and Academy Award(R) winner Jon Voight discusses his expansive career from the golden era of Hollywood's 1970s, to his award winning role as Mickey Donovan.
105 Dissecting a Scene: Episode 1
The cast discusses Ray seeing Mickey for the first time in years.

About this show

Set in the sprawling mecca of the rich and famous, Ray Donovan does the dirty work for L.A.'s top power players. The series stars Emmy® and Golden Globe® Award nominee Liev Schreiber in his first lead television role as the go-to guy who makes the problems of the city's celebrities, superstar athletes, and business moguls disappear. This powerful family drama unfolds when his father, played by Oscar® winner Jon Voight, is unexpectedly released from prison, setting off a chain of events that shakes the Donovan family to its core.

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1.7K reviews
A Google user
December 28, 2018
The best tv show on now. Ray is a badass with a heart. He loves his family even his Dadthat drives him nuts. His two brothers he loves till death . I think he's going to kill Suesan Sandron after a while. She drives him nuts. But
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Terry Rucker
July 7, 2015
I just started watching this suspenseful series. Great main actor keeps you on the edge of your seat and its mafia genre is off the charts... I'm addicted now can't wait to see all of the series...
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Todd Forst
September 3, 2014
This is a lifelike model of my father's life. I was very much like Connor in that my dad was a bookie for the mob and all around problem solver. They ran their business not through movie lots, but meat packing plants in Los Angeles. Love the show it's like horrible home movies. 😊
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