KanColle - Kantai Collection

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Season 1 episodes (12)

1 Hello, Commander!
Fleet Girls are girls who possess the souls of warships from days past. A new fleet girl Fubuki has come to their base, the Naval District. With her roommates Mutsuki and Yuudachi, she goes to see the bigger carrier girls.
2 Without Dissent, Without Shame, Without Resentment!
Fubuki returns safely from her first mission. She'd love to be an escort for a carrier like Akagi, but she can't even sortie at her current level of training. The Sendai sisters offer to help her train.
3 The Operation to Capture W Island!
After participating in training, Fubuki and Torpedo Squad 3 move on to the attack on W Island. The night before the mission, Fubuki's roommate Mutsuki reassures her and makes her feel better.
4 It's Our Turn! Follow Me!
Fubuki tries her best to cheer her friend up, but she doesn't know what to say. She goes with the Kongou sisters to the southwest theater, where she fights the Abyssals again.
5 Don't Compare Me to the Girls in Carrier Group Five!
Fubuki has been assigned to a new force, along with Kongou, Zuikaku, Ooi, Kitakami, and Kaga. Zuikaku and Kaga hate each other, Ooi can't take her eyes off Kitakami, and Kongou... is Kongou. Will Fubuki be able to lead this odd band of misfits to victory?
6 Destroyer Group Six, Curry Sea Operation!
The most important food in the world for fleet girls is curry, and it's time for the annual Naval District curry cookoff! The girls of destroyer group 6 try to win the contest, but Ashigara is desperate to stop them.
7 I Hate Carrier Group One!
After Fubuki's hard work, Assault Group 5 is finally starting to come together. But Kaga is struck and badly damaged when she tries to protect Zuikaku from a torpedo. Shoukaku is added to the group in her stead.
8 I'm Not a Hotel!
Fubuki arrives at the forward base with a wounded Shoukaku, and meets Yamato, the ultimate battleship. Like Fubuki, Yamato's never been in a fight, and Nagato won't let her. Fubuki tries to help her out.
9 Second Remodel-poi?!
Yuudachi undergoes a change. She and the other girls are undergoing a massive upgrade, and Fubuki is sad because she's being left behind.
10 Let's Do Our Best!
Fubuki hears a message from the admiral from Nagato. His words inspire her to do her best and continue her training and studies. Mutsuki looks sad as her friend grows.
11 Operation MI Begins!
At last, operation MI has begun! With the admiral's orders in hand, the fleet girls prepare to attack. But Akagi is nervous, and has an awful premonition.
12 Enemy Planes Dive-Bombing from Above!
The fleet attacks Abyssal base MI. Despite their strength the forces seem unkillable. When they sink an enemy it just comes right back up again. Is there any way to win the fight?

About this show

Fubuki, a Special Type Destroyer, has just been assigned to the Naval District. With zero battle experience, sheÕs sure to sink fast under the pressure. Luckily, sheÕs got support from her new comrades to help win back the oceans!