My Little Pony Friendship is Magic
Season 4, Volume 2

Season 4, Volume 2

14. Filli Vanilli

Jan 31, 2014
When a member of the singing group the Ponytones has to drop out of an important performance, Fluttershy takes drastic measures to ensure the show goes on.

15. Twilight Time

Feb 22, 2014
The Cutie Mark Crusaders are thrilled when Twilight offers to help them with their studies. Problems arise when the girls realize they can use their relationship with Twilight to increase their popularity.

16. It Ainメt Easy Being Breezies

Mar 1, 2014
When tiny, magical creatures called Breezies get into trouble while making their migration home, Fluttershy swoops in to save them. She soon finds herself tending to their every need. But her kindness may turn out to be more hurtful than helpful.

17. Somepony to Watch Over Me

Mar 8, 2014
Apple Bloom gets the chance to stay home alone for the day, but a series of unfortunate accidents causes Applejack to regret her decision. Apple Bloom must find a way to prove to her sister that she doesnメt need her to constantly watch over her.

18. Trade Ya

Apr 18, 2014
Spike and the Mane 6 are headed to the Rainbow Falls Traders Exchange, each with their sights set on trading something they no longer want for something they value. But when things donメt go exactly as planned, the girls learn that nothing is more valuable than their friendship.

19. Maud Pie

Mar 15, 2014
Pinkie Pie’s sister Maud is coming to Ponyville, and Pinkie Pie can’t wait for her friends and sister to meet and become best friends. But when it turns out that Maud is very different than Pinkie Pie described, the girls find bonding with her more difficult than they thought it would be.

20. For Whom the Sweetie Belle Toils

Mar 22, 2014
When Sweetie Belle becomes angry with Rarity for stealing her spotlight, Sweetie Belle deliberately sabotages a costume for one of Rarityメs most elite clients. Will a visit from Luna in her dreams help get her back on the right path?

21. Leap of Faith

Mar 29, 2014
A miracle, cure-all tonic has Ponyville ponies eager to spend their hard earned money for a chance to be rid of their ailments. Applejack has her doubts about the merits of the tonic, until Granny Smith begins taking it and appears to be cured of all her aches and pains.

22. Testing, Testing, 1, 2, 3

Apr 5, 2014
Rainbow Dash is preparing to take her test on the history of the Wonderbolts; a test she must pass in order to become a member of the Wonderbolts Reserves. Twilight offers to help her study, but soon realizes that her conventional study methods don't work for Rainbow Dash.


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