Transformers Prime
Season 3

Season 3

301. Darkmount, Nevada

Mar 22, 2013
Team Prime struggles to reunite after Megatron's victory, and Optimus struggles to survive.

302. Scattered

Mar 29, 2012
With the return of a key Decepticon, the Autobots? situation becomes even more dire and a victory for Wheeljack may ultimately lead to defeat.

303. Prey

Apr 5, 2013
The Ultimate Autobot Hunter is unleashed on our heroes. Will the arrival of a new Autobot be enough to save them?

304. Rebellion

Apr 12, 2013
Led by a new member, Team Prime launches a desperate assault on the Decepticon citadel.

305. Project Predacon

May 17, 2013
As the Autobots adjust to new group dynamics within their expanded lineup, the Decepticons launch a new scheme to clone an army of beasts.

306. Chain of Command

May 24, 2013
As tension builds within the Wreckers, they find themselves confronted with the return of the Predacon.

307. Plus One

May 31, 2013
Unusual pairings abound as Arcee teams with Wheeljack on a mission, and Agent Fowler finds himself in a tight squeeze with Jack?s mother, June.

308. Thirst

Jun 7, 2013
Knock Out and Starscream?s rogue experiments lead to monstrous results.

309. Evolution

Jun 28, 2013
When the Predacon reveals a secret of its own, Megatron begins to question its allegiance.

310. Minus One

Jul 5, 2013
The Autobots capture Soundwave while Megatron decides to resurrect a former plan.

311. Persuasion

Jul 12, 2013
While Optimus faces off with Predaking, Megatron mounts a campaign to form a new alliance.

312. Synthesis

Jul 19, 2013
Ratchet finds himself in a series of predicaments as he resumes his experiments on Synthetic Energon.

313. Deadlock

Jul 26, 2013
The fate of Earth hangs in the balance as the Autobots and Decepticons march toward their last stand.


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