Whale Wars
Season 4

Season 4

1. Battle Cry

Jun 3, 2011
The Sea Shepherds depart on campaign with a new vessel in their fleet, The Gojira. Early on, they find two of the harpoon ships in the whaling fleet before they've killed a single whale. They are now set up for their most successful campaign ever.

2. No Escape

Jun 10, 2011
After engaging the harpoon ships using the small boat teams, Paul makes the call to abandon the harpoon ships and go in search of the factory vessel. After a few hours of sailing, the tables have turned - two harpoon ships begin tailing Sea Shepherd.

3. Ghosts in the Machine

Jun 17, 2011
Tailed by a harpoon ship, the Steve Irwin enlists the help of the Gojira in an attempt to break free. Meanwhile, the Bob Barker crew spots a large blip on their radar, and believe it could be their ultimate target, the Nisshin Maru.

4. The Devil's Icebox

Jun 24, 2011
When damage happens to one of the small boats, and the Bob Barker 5 hours away, the crews realize they will have to spend a night at sea. But the crew is wet and freezing already and early symptoms of hypothermia begin to set in.

5. Tracking the Enemy

Jul 8, 2011
The Bob Barker desperately searches for their two small boat crews who were lost at sea in the aftermath of a daring mission. Meanwhile, the Gojira locates the whalers' refueling vessel and Locky plays a dangerous game of "chicken" with the massive ship.

6. Race to Save Lives

Jul 15, 2011
New Zealand's Navy contacts the Steve Irwin to respond to an emergency distress signal where five crew members from a Norwegian sailboat have gone missing. Now the Sea Shepherds must risk their lives in a dangerous mission to find the missing mariners.

7. Enemy in Their Grasp

Jul 22, 2011
As the first leg of their campaign comes to a close, the Sea Shepherds battle physical and mental exhaustion, especially pilot Chris Aultman. Thanks to an anonymous tip, the Steve Irwin finally locates the whalers' factory ship, the Nisshin Maru.

8. Battle Stations

Jul 29, 2011
The Bob Barker and Gojira launch an ambitious assault on the harpoon ship that has been following them and manage to completely disable the whaling vessel. Now free of its tail, the Barker continues searching for their ultimate target, the Nisshin Maru.

9. The Giant Enemy

Aug 5, 2011
After months of grueling searching, the Sea Shepherd's have found their ultimate target, the whaler's factory vessel. But the behemoth factory ship is intent on escaping from the carbon-fiber Gojira in the deadly Antarctic ice.

10. Delivering the Final Blow

Aug 12, 2011
Captain Paul Watson's crew of volunteers refuses to back down from the whalers, vowing to follow the fleet to the ends of the earth. Finally, after 30 years, Watson sees his life's work paid off with the ultimate victory.


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