Tickety Toc
Season 5

Season 5

1. Tickety Toc: Season 1, Vol. 5: Ep. 1: Museum Time/Winter Time

Dec 6, 2012
Batterby is opening a Museum of all things Tickety. The problem is, no one is visiting -- and Tommy and Tallulah are sure it's because he doesn't have anything really old. When they learn about the Legendary Lost Clock of Tickety, Tommy and Tallulah decide to find it. / It's Winter Time and Tommy and Tallulah are looking forward to playing in the snow. Unfortunately, it snows a little too hard and Tommy and Tallulah are given the job of clearing the path to Battersby's shop.

2. Tickety Toc: Season 1, Vol. 5: Ep. 2: Doctor Time/Badge Time

Dec 4, 2012
It's Doctor time and Tommy and Tallulah are playing doctors. They search the whole town for a patient in need, without much luck. When they realise that Hopparoo has lost his 'badoing', the twins need to swing into action before Chime Time! / It's Badge Time and Tommy and Tallulah - the Tickety Troupers -- are trying to win their good deeds badge from Troup Leader Au Lait. Troup Leader Au Lait gives Tommy and Tallulah a list of possible deeds and tells them to choose one. The twins, however, decide to do ALL the good deeds on the list -- before Chime Time.

3. Tickety Toc: Season 1, Vol. 5: Ep. 3: Outer Space Time/Painting Time

Nov 7, 2012
Tommy and Tallulah set off on a (make believe) space adventure to the outskirts of town. When they find themselves 'lost in space' with Chime Time looming, McCoggins has to save the day in a very unusual way! / Everyone in Ticket Town is painting a picture for an exhibition -- and Tommy and Tallulah are determined to paint the biggest. When their huge painting of the clockhouse is carried away by the wind, it looks like Chime Time is doomed!

4. Tickety Toc: Season 1, Vol. 5: Ep. 4: Model Making Time/Spring Chicks Time

Sep 26, 2012
Tommy and Tallulah help McCoggins finish his precious model of the clockhouse. When McCoggins leaves them for a moment, the twins accidentally smash the model! / Tommy and Tallulah must babysit the Spring Chicks, which they try to do whilst taking part in the town kite display. The Chicks, however, prove too much of a handful. The twins must stage an airborne rescue before Chime Time!


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