Deadliest Job Interview

2016 • Discovery Channel
27 reviews
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Season 1 episodes (6)

1 Go Big or Go Home
Rookie caver, Kevin, leads an expedition into the depths of a Tennessee cave. Three hopeful rookies compete for a high-flying position with the Sonoma Marin Tree Men. A novice flyer travels to Africa to be take a rigorous bush pilot course.
2 Dive On In
A rookie tree climber jeopardizes his team when he ignores expert advice about scaling a redwood. Dan and Erik attempt a dangerous underwater welding job in San Diego. Amateur pilot, Ron, gets his first taste of canyon flying.
3 Smoked
Hoping for a job as a commercial diver, Erik welds a patch on a sunken submarine. Rookie heavy haul driver, Fred, battles through Hurricane Patricia. Three lessons into his bush pilot training, Ron ends up in a hospital.
4 The Widowmaker
Rookie diver Erik struggles underwater while rigging a sunken yacht. Heavy Haul trucker, Fred attempts to transport a 105-ton crane through a hurricane. And tree man, Nate, drops a large dead Eucalyptus tree nicknamed the Widowmaker.
5 In Too Deep
Rookie tree man Tomas freezes in fear halfway up a redwood. Greenhorn diver Erik descends deep into the ocean to collect research samples. And rookie volcanologist Sarah attempts to scale an active volcano in order to land her dream job
6 One Last Shot
Volcanologist Sarah continues her first expedition on an active volcano. Rookie tree men, Nate and Tomas, face off in their most difficult challenge yet. And greenhorn wind tech, Mike, attempts to scale a 120 foot wind turbine.

About this show

You shouldn't be nervous your first day on the job unless you're one of these guys. Welcome to the world's Deadliest Job Interview. In this series greenhorns take on extreme jobs. They'll have to prove they have what it takes. With a ticking clock on these jobs, the last day is judgment day.

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27 reviews
Toby Parker
March 21, 2016
The scuba portion is certainly the most amazing piece of cinematography since Jacques Cousteau. I could only hope that there's a spin-off for these daring divers.
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Beth Girmai
February 15, 2016
Very interested show... six figure salary but giving your life for danger
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Sterling McFadyen
February 8, 2016
Conquering deadly phobias for a paycheck. These jobs better have good payoffs.
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