Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs

2017 • Cartoon Network
390 reviews
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Season 1 episodes (12)

1 And the Winner Is…/ Bacon Girl
Flint and Sam reminisce about the first time they met, when they went head-to-head at the school science fair and nearly destroyed the town. Flint invents a way to make sardines taste like bacon so Sam can eat one without gagging, but Flint's invention has a few bacon-related side-effects.
2 Invent This!/ Princess Kittymittens
When Tim is celebrated for accidentally inventing a pencil holder, Flint gets jealous and starts to doubt his own skills as an inventor. Flint begs Sam to let him see her most treasured possession, but when Sam relents Flint damages it, and has to find a way to make it up to her.
3 Who You Calling Garbage?/ The Ballad of Johnny Sardine
Flint creates an invention to take out the garbage, but it soon starts deciding for itself what - and who - counts as garbage. Swallow Falls prepares to celebrate the birthday of its oldest sardine, a wish-granting fish named Johnny, but Flint and Sam put the entire event in jeopardy.
4 Millionaire Monkey / Baby Brent Sitter
When Steve wins the Swallow Falls lottery, townspeople line up claiming that they are Steve's best friend, causing Flint to question Steve's true affections. Flint and Sam babysit so they can buy a new board game, but when Brent hires them as his babysitter, they have to decide whether the humiliation is worth the reward.
5 Spoiler Orb / The Pandas Are Coming
Flint modifies Sam's weather-predicting orb to predict the future, but knowing their future isn't as fun as they thought it would be. Mayor Shelbourne brings a panda to Swallow Falls, but when the town falls under the panda's spell it's up to Flint and Sam to find out what's really going on.
6 Inventors Only / Clock-A-Doodle-Doom
Flint is excited to discover there's another inventor in town, but Sam suspects the inventor has an ulterior motive for befriending Flint. Unable to wake up on time in the morning, Flint combines an alarm with rooster DNA to create the ultimate alarm clock.
7 The Sardemon / Sardinefest
Tim drags Flint out into the wilderness to participate in a Lockwood father-son tradition: trying to catch the legendary Sardemon, the largest sardine ever seen. Sam is horrified to learn about Swallow Falls' annual sardine race, and sets out to stop the race in the name of animal cruetly.
8 Earl or Pearl? / Total Samesies
Earl goes undercover as a female student named "Pearl" in order to befriend Sam and find out what Flint's planning to invent next. After being teased for being too similar, Flint and Sam set out to prove that they're totally different and have other friends.
9 Monkey Me, Monkey You / Best Invention Ever!
Flint accidentally combines himself with Steve, and has to learn to live with the monkey inside of him. When Flint brags he sleep-invented the best invention ever, the Mayor sees it as a money making opportunity, and Flint has to figure out what he actually invented.
10 That's Sal, Folks! / Cloudy with a Chance of Clouds
While attempting to keep Sam from moving away, Flint accidentally brings the town's sardine statue to life, who starts revealing the town's secrets. Flint gives Sam a Cloud-Maker for their friendaversary, but Sam's new cloud friend won't leave her side.
11 The Science of the Toot / Mr. Stressup
Flint invents a toot-inducing bean in order to become cool, so his classmates will listen to him and his idea to make a science mural. When one of Flint's inventions injures Tim, Tim's doctor says he needs to relax - and Flint has just the invention for the job!
101 Ask an Inventor
A bonus clip from the new Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs TV Series.

About this show

In a sardine-obsessed town that just doesn't understand, Flint Lockwood is a teenager trying to change the invention at a time. Lucky for him, his best friend and aspiring meteorologist Sam Sparks is there to lend a hand!

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390 reviews
Mahny London
April 21, 2022
First of all this show is so cringy and cheesy Mike anytime I listen to one episode I cringe to death. And it's a rip off of the movie and I totally hated they animus so badly. ( in the show and movie) so do not watch the show it's absolute craziness very stupid very rip-off and I'd rather rip my hair out then watch this garbage just like PBS kids shows no offense to some of them cuz some of them are actually good like the new show Alma's way
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Knox Robo
April 24, 2017
Ok so you know how Teen Titans Go A.K.A (TTG) the problems with that show are 1. Terabble animation 2. Bad jokes 3 it's just bad All doe I do love the movie this is bad!
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A Google user
February 11, 2018
While it isn't as good as the movies, it's a lot better than Hotel Transylvania and Tangled's shows!
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