Life On Mars
Season 1

Season 1

1. Out Here In The Fields

Oct 9, 2008
Hit by a car, Detective Sam Tyler finds himself transported to 1973.

2. The Real Adventures Of The Unreal Sam Tyler

Oct 16, 2008
Sam tries to prove himself to Lt. Hunt and the rest of the squad members.

3. My Maharishi Is Bigger Than Your Maharishi

Oct 23, 2008
Tyler is sent down a path that provide clues about his family's past.

4. Have You Seen Your Mother, Baby...

Oct 30, 2008
Sam's attempt to save a woman under attack lures him back to his past.

5. Things To Do In New York...

Nov 6, 2008
A racial war is sparked when an African American girl is brutally murdered.

6. Tuesday's Dead

Nov 13, 2008
A gunman tries to force a doctor to reverse an operation on his brother.

7. The Man Who Sold The World

Nov 20, 2008
Sam uncovers some deep dark secrets about his childhood.

8. Take A Look At The Lawmen

Jan 28, 2009
A young, attractive social worker catches Sam's eye.

9. The Dark Side Of The Mook

Feb 4, 2009
Sam and Ray find themselves linked to a chain of decapitations.

10. Let All The Children Boogie

Feb 11, 2009
Sam believes he may actually have found a way back home.

11. Home Is Where You Hang Your Holster

Feb 18, 2009
Tensions explode when Hunt and his daughter confront each other.

12. The Simple Secret Of The Note In Us All

Feb 25, 2009
Sam recognizes a killer from a murder case 35 years in the future.

13. Revenge Of The Broken Jaw

Mar 4, 2009
Student radicals target the police with bomb threats.

14. Coffee, Tea or Annie

Mar 11, 2009
When two hostesses turn up dead, Sam and Annie go on an undercover mission.

15. All The Young Dudes

Mar 18, 2009
Sam infiltrates a New York gang suspected of truck hijackings.

16. Everyone Knows It's Windy

Mar 25, 2009
Sam is accused of murder.

17. Life Is A Rock

Apr 1, 2009
A mysterious caller tells Sam how he can return to 2008.


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