The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes
Season 2

Season 2

1. The Private War of Doctor Doom

Apr 1, 2012
The Avengers are attacked by Doctor Doom.

2. Alone Against A.I.M.

Apr 8, 2012
Tony Stark faces A.I.M.'s latest creation: Technovore.

3. Acts of Vengeance

Apr 15, 2012
The Avengers hunt down the Masters of Evil.

4. Welcome to the Kree Empire

Apr 22, 2012
An envoy from the alien warrior race, known as the Kree, comes to Earth!

5. To Steal an Ant-Man

Apr 29, 2012
Hank realizes his Ant-Man suit was used in a robbery.

6. Michael Korvac

May 6, 2012
The Avengers attempt to protect a mysterious man named Korvac.

7. Who Do You Trust?

May 13, 2012
The Avengers are torn apart!

8. The Ballad of Beta Ray Bill

May 20, 2012
Thor is attacked by a powerful creature known as Beta Ray Bill.

9. Nightmare In Red

Jun 20, 2012
The Avengers are shocked to find a red Hulk at the scene of an attack!

10. Prisoner of War

Jul 1, 2012
Captain America is ready to break out of prison.

11. Infiltration

Jul 8, 2012
The aliens known as the Skrulls begin their invasion of Earth.

12. Secret Invasion

Jul 15, 2012
The Avengers reunite to face the full might of the Skrulls.

13. Along Came a Spider...

Jul 22, 2012
The city has turned against Captain America after the invasion.

14. Behold the Vision!

Jul 29, 2012
Captain America attempts to rally the remaining Avengers.

15. Assault on 42

Aug 5, 2012
Whirlwind is escorted to prison again, this time to 42.

16. Ultron Unlimited

Aug 19, 2012
The Avengers are attacked by robotic versions of themselves.

17. Yellowjacket

Sep 9, 2012
Wasp and Iron Man try to get Hank to rejoin the squad.

18. Emperor Stark

Sep 16, 2012
Iron Man and the Avengers have taken over the Earth!

19. Code Red

Sep 23, 2012
Mysterious fumes in Avengers manor cause everyone to suddenly fall ill.

20. Winter Soldier

Sep 30, 2012
No one knows who the Winter Soldier is, but he is the Red Skull's recruit.

21. The Deadliest Man Alive

Oct 7, 2012
After turning himself in for a crime he didn't commit, the Hulk is raging mad.

22. New Avengers

Oct 14, 2012
Kang the Conqueror traps the Avengers.

23. Operation Galactic Storm

Oct 21, 2012
Aliens arrive to link our solar system to theirs.

24. Live Kree of Die

Nov 4, 2012
The Avengers' space adventure concludes in a crash on the Kree homeworld.

25. Avengers Assemble!

Nov 11, 2012
The Avengers have to rely on all the help they can to save the galaxy.

26. Powerless

May 5, 2013
Loki, a prisoner of the Midgard Serpent, is offered a chance at revenge.


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