Dan Vs.
Season 3

Season 3

1. Anger Management

Nov 17, 2012
After one of his revenge plots lands him in court, Dan is sentenced to a stint in an Anger Management class as rehabilitation. Desperate to get out of it, Dan sabotages everything in class left and right, to no avail. So instead he sets his sights on breaking down the class leader -- a perky, by-the-book lady named Amber who seems immune to his various attempts at subterfuge. But soon Dan's behavior flips a switch in her head and she proves to be a lot less stable than originally assumed. With her rampaging id unleashed, she sets out on a city-wide destruction spree, and blackmails Dan into being her partner in crime!

2. The Mummy

Nov 24, 2012
Missing toilet paper in Dan's bathroom, sand on the windowsill, Mr. Mumbles decked out in traditional Egyptian cat-worship adornments....it can only mean one thing: there's a Mummy on the loose! Desperate to get to the bottom of things (though far more focused on the return of his precious imported toilet paper), Dan heads to the museum, where his actions unearth Ahkenrah, Fourteenth King of the Nefarankon Dynasty. But revenge proves difficult against the undead Egyptian, because Ahkenrah isn't interested in death and destruction -- he's just a slacker "dude" who wants to hang out with his new buddies Dan, Chris and Elise. But he proves an annoying royal pain of a hanger-on, and soon Dan is heading to Little Egypt for some professional help in getting rid of the pesky Pharoh.

3. The Boss

Dec 1, 2012
Faced with eviction, Dan is finally forced to do the unthinkable:  get a job!  He signs up with Chris' temp agency, and the two of them begin working side by side at a magazine subscription collections company, drowning their days in mundane cubicle life.   Though Dan resists working at every turn, sabotaging client calls, creating office havoc, his strict boss foils his every attempt to goof off, and begins to keep him on a tighter and tighter leash.    Finally Dan wages all out war with his employer, only to discover that his boss is not what she seems -- she's a demon from another dimension...and she wants Dan as her second in command!  Now Dan has a tough choice -- save the world, or work for eternity as Evil's assistant!

4. The Mechanic

Dec 1, 2012
Furious that the work on his car is taking too long at the mechanic's, Dan storms into the shop with Chris for sweet, sweet revenge. However, what they uncover is more than they ever imagined. The Mechanic, facing bankruptcy, had been removing parts from Dan's car to build a large robot for use in an underground robot fighting ring! Since the only way to get his car fixed is to save the mechanic's shop from going out of business, Dan builds his own giant robot suit and enters the fighting ring himself to save the day. But when his fight opponent turns out to be Elise in her own robot suit, Dan soon learns that he might be in over his head!

5. The High School Reunion

Dec 15, 2012
Chris is thrilled to be attending his (and Dan's) high school reunion and revisiting fond memories from his teen years. Elise is excited to be joining him, because she hopes that seeing his old classmates will give Chris a chance to re-connect with some more quality folks than Dan. And Dan...wasn't invited, so naturally he sets out to sabotage the whole event! Disguised as the school mascot, and wielding scorpions and a litany of chemicals from the science room, Dan sets out to ruin the night for everyone who he felt made his high school experience a disaster. But he soon discovers that things might not have been exactly as he remembered them...

6. The Common Cold

Jan 19, 2013
When Dan finds himself sick with a cold for the first time in his life, he vows revenge against the viral invaders infecting his body!  After tracking the source of his sickness to none other than Ninja Dave and learning that physically fighting him won't cure his cold, Dan realizes that he is going to have to fight this battle within.  But none of the typical cures work, so Dan decides he has to take this to the next level.  He heads to the Department of Controlling Diseases for some high tech bio-weapons and suddenly finds himself at the center of a battle with an ex-supermodel turned spy bent on biological warfare.

7. The DMV

Jan 26, 2013
After a routine traffic stop reveals expired plates on his car and an expired license in his wallet, Dan is forced to do time at the most feared of adult pubic institutions -- the DMV! Forced to wait for hours to speak to a representative, and then met with indifference once he does, Dan is marked as a "difficult case" and sent to the department's secret underground where he not only must find his way through a maze littered with tests and peril around every corner, but he must also do battle with a terrible minotaur in order to renew his license and escape to freedom!

8. The Ski Trip

Feb 2, 2013
Tricked into joining Chris and Elise on a ski weekend, Dan is determined to ruin everyone's fun on the slopes.    But when a snow storm separates the three, trapping Dan and Elise together in their holiday cabin, they are begrudgingly forced to put their differences aside and communicate with each other like never before.  Chris, meanwhile, hooks up with a cheery vacationing family who take him under their wing during the storm and prove to be almost too good to be true. -- playing games, making him delicious treats, and showing him the love and affection he has been craving.  When Elise and Dan finally agree to work together long enough to escape their snowy prison, they head out to find Chris, who, as it turns out, may be in need of some rescuing himself....

9. Jury Duty

Feb 9, 2013
Summoned to Jury Duty for the first time in his life, Dan's initial instinct is to sabotage the system and get out of serving as quickly as possible. But when he learns the details of the trial and sympathizes with the defendant's actions, he quickly changes his tune. He becomes determined to exonerate the accused by any means necessary. Whether impersonating a judge, tampering with the jury, doing some amateur detective work, or just making a contemptible nuisance of himself, Dan becomes a one man legal system bent on personal justice!

10. Vegetables

Feb 16, 2013
When Burgerphile jumps on the health food wagon and begins serving a side of broccoli with their burgers instead of French fries, Dan turns "green" with fury and vows revenge against vitamin-enriched produce at large!  After an attempt to take down a popular local farmer's market proves unsucessful, Dan hatches a plan to hijack a truck of noxious chemicals and use them to systematically destroy the entire vegetable supply of Southern California.  But then Elise gets involved and puts a halt on Dan's leafy green destruction, so Dan fights back again by stealing Elise's top secret military genetic reorganizing machinery and inadvertently unleashes a vegetable monster that threatens todestroy Los Angeles!

11. The Superhero

Feb 23, 2013
When Los Angeles' local Crime Fighter Terrifi-Guy demolishes Dan's car during a routine act of heroism, Dan dons a cape and tights in an effort to out Super the Hero! But he soon learns that it's hard to be a super hero without any powers, so he switches tactics. He turns the roof of his apartment into a lair and starts focusing his thoughts to the more diabolical side of things. He becomes "Dr. Jerk" a super villain with plans to destroy Terrific-Guy by finding out and exploiting his one crippling weakness and thus having his revenge!

12. The Family Cruise

Mar 2, 2013
Dan is bent on attending a "Zombie Wrestling" event, but Chris already has plans to take a cruise with Elise and her parents. In a failed attempt to sabotage Chris leaving, Dan inadvertently finds himself stowing away on an ocean liner as a fifth member of the family. Desperate to head back to Los Angeles, Dan manipulates the cruise activities with a vengeance, hoping to cause enough trouble to be sent home. But then he realizes that one lucky passenger will get the title of honorary Captain during a ship-wide contest, and decides to do anything possible to win the honor and use it to personally steer the boat back towards land. But when he succeeds, he manages to accidentally send the boat straight towards an oceanic black hole! Suddenly the whole family must put their differences aside to work together and save the ship!

13. Summer Camp

Mar 9, 2013
Elise comes across an old box of Chris' summer camp memorabilia in the garage, prompting Chris and Dan to recount the story of how they met as children. Suffering through life on the low end of the social totem pole at Camp Atrocious, Dan and Chris had constantly been the butt of jokes and daily childish hazing. But when Dan decides he can't take it anymore, he enlists Chris as his sidekick to take on the older kids and teach the bullying head counselor a lesson. Devising his very first system of elaborate traps and weaponry, Dan finds his calling in revenge and leaves Camp Atrocious in ruins.


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