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2002 • Qubo
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Season 2 episodes (13)

1 A Mumble Movie/A Book Wherever I Look
Splyer and CeCe are trying to make a movie starring the Mumble Monster, but their first idea is an action adventure disaster. They need to make another kind of movie, but how will they decide what kind of movie to make, and what will they use for props? Spyler and CeCe love reading The Adventures of Super-Dog so much, they decide they want to write a book of their own! First they need to find something to write their story about!
2 Surprise Before Your Eyes/Something Nice for the Mice
Splyer and CeCe have birthdays on the SAME day! Duck sends them off to find some items, but they soon realize the items are for a BIG birthday surprise for them! Spyler and CeCe want to help their little mice friends by building them a super mouse house! What will they need to build it?
3 A Marble Maze Craze/Toys That Roam
Spyler and CeCe see marbles rolling and bouncing all over Home Base! The Big Marble tells them that all the little marbles are getting tired of just rolling around all day. They need something new to do! Spyler and CeCe want to help the marbles, with a new and fun activity, but how? Spyler and CeCe are cleaning up. Finally, they put the last toy away. Phew! They’re all done cleaning up Homebase. CeCe taps Spyler on the shoulder. Uh, they’re not QUITE done. They see four strange toy parts that don’t beling to Spyler’s and CeCe’s toys. They have to get these objects back where they belong! But where?
4 A Rhyme Justin' Time/A Toe Tapping Talent Show
Spyler and CeCe are taking turns jumping and twirling and making up all kind of fun moves. This gives CeCe an idea. Why don’t they make up a game of things they can do fast, before the time runs out! She even has a name for their new game: the Do-Everything-Fast-Before-You-Run-Out of-Time-Game. But what do they need to play it? Spyler and CeCe want to put on a talent show, but they need some talent! CeCe tries singing and Splyer tries being a ventriolquist, but neither act works out as they expected. What to do?
5 Red She Said/One Quick Magic Trick
Spyler has a rock collection and CeCe wants a collection of her very own. She decides to collect things that are red, but there’s one problem…controlling CeCe’s appetite! Everything she’s looking for is edible. During Spyler and CeCe’s disappearing cat magic trick, something goes wrong. The cat really disappears! Spyler and CeCe have to get the cat back and find more things for their act!
6 A Superhero/A Silly Sleepover
Spyler and CeCe have just read the latest installment of the I SPY Superguy comic book series. CeCe says it would be fun to be superheroes, but how? After trying to find out how to BE superheroes, they discovered they WERE superheroes all along! Spyler and CeCe are having the best sleepover ever. All of their friends are having a great time... there’s just one problem, no one is getting any SLEEP. Will a shadow-puppet play help get their friends to sleep?
7 The Case of the Missing Truck/Something Really Cool
When they see the movie “The Case of the Missing Meow,” CeCe thinks she and Spyler should open a detective agency so they can solve mysteries! When they discover that Wheeler’s missing, Spyler and CeCe search for items to help find him. It is really, really, REALLY hot. CeCe can hardly move and the dominoes are falling over each other in the heat. Spyler decides they have to make a fan, but how?
8 The Best Car By Far/Something Fit for a Queen
Spyler and CeCe are having so much fun vrooming around in their “car” (a little plastic soap dish) they decide it would be fun to make a racing car that really raced. But what do they need to make this super-duper racing car? The Queen is coming to give the Domino General a medal. The trumpets play their fanfare but the Queen doesn’t appear. Where is she? Oh no... she’s lost! Spyler and CeCe want to help find her, but how?
9 A Very Merry Musical/A Sled Up Ahead
CeCe has written a song all about her friend Spyler. When he hears it, he suggests they write a whole lot of songs and put on a musical! CeCe thinks that’s a great idea, but what do they need to put on a musical? It’s a really hot day and Spyler and CeCe are trying to think of something to do. “I know,” Spyler says. “Let’s have a sled race!” That sounds like fun, but what will they use for a sled, snow, and other things for the race.
10 A Rundown Robot/A Game That's Not The Same
Spyler and CeCe are playing “Spyler-the-Leader” with their favorite robot, Clankenspy, but he seems to be having some problems. Pieces of him keep falling off! They want to help make him feel better, but how?Spyler and CeCe want to make up a new game unlike any game anyone has ever thought of before. A game that’s not the same? Sounds great. But what do they need to play it? And, what’s it called?
11 Dinosaur With a Scritch-Scratch Itch/Fun and a Hole in a Hole
Spyler and CeCe suddenly feel the ground shake beneath them! What is that NOISE? Is it an earthquake? Nope. It’s a plastic dinosaur trying to scratch an itch on her back. Spyler and CeCe decide they better find a way to scratch her back but how will they do that? Spyler and CeCe want to play one of their favorite games, “Gumdrop Bowling Golf.” The Gumdrop thinks it’s a great idea! Now they need to find a few more things to play...especially after the squirrel finds the gumdrop and won’t give it back!
12 A Moon in Act Two/A Train Back on Track
Spyler, CeCe and a pig are rehearsing a play, but they keep getting interrupted. One of the cows in the Moo-cow clock has wandered off and the actors are missing some props. The show can’t go on until they find these items and the missing cow. It’s Spyler and CeCe to the rescue when the I SPY Express Train is stopped by a watermelon on the track. To roll the watermelon off, Spyler and CeCe must build a contraption to push the heavy fruit.
13 Fun in the Jungle/A Squeeze for a Sneeze
Spyler has a huge case of the sniffles and CeCe wants to make him a big glass of juice. But how? Hmmm... Clankenspy has made a Squeezy Easy as can Beezy machine. Maybe there’s some way the machine can make Spyler some juice? Spyler and CeCe are having so much fun playing “Jungle Animals” that they decide they would like to have some real animals to play with. CeCe convinces Spyler that it might be better to get PICTURES of the jungle animals. But how?

About this show

Your favorite Scholastic picture-riddle books come to life in this animated play-along adventures series for kids! Join Spyler, Cece, Duck, Wheeler and other characters in this colorful and interactive TV experience. Each episode is divided into two fun-filled adventure stories in which Spyler and Cece attempt to find the four hidden objects featured in a riddle.

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70 reviews
Izabella Manning
January 8, 2019
I feel like a lot of the people who have left reviews aren't aware that this is an old children's show... I'm almost 21 and I remember watching this and loving it.
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its sav and katlin gacha girls forever!! 2024
November 28, 2021
I watch this ever since I was a baby, but now I hate it So much because I'm too old for it! The theme song is so annoying and keeps getting stuck in my head!
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Cynthia Garringer
June 15, 2015
Do not get if you do then you'll be doomed the boringest thing ever and by the way PS whoever said that you liked it on your phone there's a TV show with its stupid PS do not get it!!!!
11 people found this review helpful
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