The Real L Word
Season 3

Season 3

301. Apples and Oranges

Jul 12, 2012
Since last year, Whitney has done a complete 180. Against her friend's wishes, she has moved out of Alyssa's nest and in with the love of her life. But there is something that Whitney has been hiding from her soul mate - something that could alter the course of their relationship forever. A lot has also changed for Romi in one year: she is sober, focusing on her career and has lost a lot of her friends in the process. And Whitney isn't the only one with a secret; Romi has been hiding something as well - a relationship she has kept under wraps for months. Thankful that their persistence has finally paid off, Cori and Kacy are four months pregnant and about to find out the sex of their baby. After the first few months of mood swings, sickness and fatigue, the happy couple expects the second trimester to be smooth sailing and are excited to start a family. Lauren, a fine jewelry designer and SoCal native,has returned to her stomping grounds after having spent a few years in the Big Apple. Lauren knows Whitney and the gang through Kelsey, who Lauren dated after things ended last year with Romi. Lauren is trying hard to stay out of the juvenile antics of the LA lesbian scene, so she's excited for her best friend with benefits, Amanda, to move to LA. Lauren and Amanda, or the self-proclaimed "Lamanda," have always been attracted to each other, but this will be the first time that they will both be single, not to mention living under the same roof. On the other coast, Hunter Valentine, an all-lesbian punk band, has taken a break from recording their most recent album to get ready for tour. Founding members Kiyomi and Laura joined forces to start the band eight years ago. The most recent addition to the band, Somer, is struggling to balance her commitments to the band with her new marriage to wife Donna. For Somer, the tour is a trial period to see if she clicks with the group and if she and Donna can stand being apart for weeks, even months, at a time. While her role as front woman of Hunter Valentine comes easily to Kiyomi, the same cannot be said for her love life. Kiyomi's not ready to be monogamous and her girlfriend, Ali, is sick of being put on the backburner. Kiyomi brought the band to New York to make it and she won't let anyone get in her way of doing just that. Sajdah may be newly out but she's taking the LA scene by storm in search of her first lesbian relationship. She can't believe her luck when an online quest leads her to a blind date with the very sweet and very beautiful Chanel.

302. Leap of Faith

Jul 19, 2012
In true Whitney fashion, the proposal that she's planning is completely over the top, leaving her anxious that something could go wrong. On the flip side of things, Romi is enjoying life in the straight scene with Jay and his friends; however things take a turn toward the awkward when Romi confronts him about wanting to start a family. Lauren is thrilled to welcome her best friend with benefits, Amanda, to Los Angeles. Yet to Lauren's surprise, Amanda gets up close and personal with someone at her welcome party-and it isn't Lauren. Meanwhile, on the east coast, Hunter Valentine sets off on tour and after their first show in Washington DC, Kiyomi finds herself in a compromising situation with a "regional rep." The drama continues at their next show in Charlotte, leaving Kiyomi and Laura disappointed with Somer. With broken equipment and spirits, the girls are only days away from their big shows at South by Southwest.

303. Love Lost

Jul 26, 2012
The stars are anything but aligned for the ladies of The Real L Word. This week Cori and Kacy find themselves in a situation that many women would consider unimaginable. Whitney and Sara are in post-engagement bliss, but spilling the beans to Whitney's Mom turns out to be harder than they expected. This is also not the best time for Romi to find out about her ex-friends' engagement, as her own relationship with Jay is faltering. A coincidental run-in with ex-girlfriend, Kelsey, threatens to push her over the edge. Romi seeks solace in a night out with old friends, but runs into more than she bargained for when she see's Whitney and Sara there with their new friends Lauren and Amanda. Things have ended between Amanda and Britenelle, leaving the door open for Lauren to add the "with benefits" onto her best friend. Unfortunately Lauren's mojo is hindered by Amanda's homesickness for New York as she reevaluates her decision to have moved to LA in the first place. Meanwhile, Hunter Valentine is en route to South by Southwest when a fight unfolds between Somer and Kiyomi that could move beyond their personal differences and affect the entire band. The band's reputation is on the line and they can't seem to get it together in time.

304. Scissor Sisters

Aug 2, 2012
Whitney was disappointed by her mother's reaction to her engagement, but now her nerves are going wild as they head up to San Jose to break the news to Sara's very traditional Portuguese family. Whitney may not understand Portuguese, but she gathers from the tears and shock that Sara's parents aren't too happy about the impending nuptials A few weeks ago, Romi was straight. But now Romi isn't getting the love and attention she needs from Jay, and with Kelsey back in her life, it's a quick and easy fix. The question remains: will sobriety be the ingredient they've been missing for a healthy, successful relationship? It has been a rocky road to recovery for Cori and Kacy as they grieve over the loss of Charlie. As part of their healing process, they gather the courage to leave the house for the first time to pay an emotional visit to the nurses who helped them through the roughest of times. Hunter Valentine's tour comes to an end and they return to the Big Apple. Kiyomi's reunion with Ali is shockingly romantic, proving their non-monogamous relationship is nothing short of a rollercoaster. On the other end of town, Somer's long-awaited reunion with Donna finds her sharing doubts about where she stands with the band and if the newlyweds can handle the lifestyle of a traveling musician. Once Lauren and Amanda arrive at their not-so-luxurious stay in Brooklyn, Amanda quickly goes MIA and leaves Lauren to fend for herself. Furious with Amanda for leaving her best friend behind to rekindle things with her ex-girlfriend, Lauren hits the town on her own. Brunch with Amanda's brother the next day only heightens the tension and leaves Lauren questioning Amanda's commitment to her and to LA. When Amanda runs into a group of girls she knows from the Brooklyn lesbian scene, including members from the band Hunter Valentine, things start to look up for Lauren. Kiyomi works her swagger while Laura pulls a few shocking stunts as they both vie for Lauren's attention.

305. I Wasn't Expecting This

Aug 9, 2012
It's time for the much-awaited Dinah Shore weekend -the largest lesbian party in the world - and The Real L Word girls are full throttle ahead. This will be Dinah veterans Whitney and Sara's third time going together, and with a bit of luck, their first leaving together. Cori and Kacy are Dinah virgins, but they're hoping that a little debauchery might help lighten their heavy hearts. Romi and Kelsey arrive to their first Dinah together as a sober couple. Apprehensive about hosting a dating game with Whitney, Romi makes it clear that Kelsey needs to stick by her side and her fears are validated when a sneaky Lauren tries to stir the pot. After Amanda drops the bomb on Lauren that she has decided to get back together with her ex in New York, Lauren's trust in her BFF heads downhill at full speed. Regardless, Lauren is determined to have a good time at Dinah and if Amanda is going to cramp her style, she has another girl in mind who surely won't. Hunter Valentine heads to the west coast in style, but only after a fight between Kiyomi and Ali pushes their relationship to the brink. Adding to the pile of complications, Somer and Donna, miss their flight - one more thing to tack on to Somer's bad reputation with the band. Forgetting about Somer, Hunter Valentine meets Whitney, Sara, Lauren and Amanda at their first Dinah hoe down throw down. Kiyomi puts the moves on Lauren, but Whitney and Amanda don't trust her intentions because they know she has a girl at home. With only night one of Dinah under their belts, the rest of the weekend promises to be one chaotic walk of shame.

306. Lost in a Bush

Aug 16, 2012
The Dinah fever continues its hold on the women of The Real L Word. While Cori and Kacy are overwhelmed with the weekend-long party, Whitney and Sara take the heat from the pool party into the bedroom.. and bring another person with them. Meanwhile, Amanda's idea of a single girls' weekend has rapidly transformed into her best friend "wifing up" with Dinah's resident rock star. Anyone who's anyone at Dinah is at the White Party, which means Romi finds herself in another uncomfortable position with her ex-friends. The drama from the weekend carries over to The Real L Word publicity photo shoot where Lauren finds herself stuck in the middle of her best friend and her punk rock fling. Romi's failed attempt at keeping her distance from the cool kids brings one thing: a breakdown. Feelings of guilt cause Sara to confront her once best friend and confidante. Will they repair their broken friendship?

307. Dream Come True

Aug 23, 2012
Now that Dinah Shore weekend is over, Whitney and Sara head to Connecticut. The couple is full of nerves as Whitney prepares to officially come out to her grandmother and surprise her with news of their wedding. On opposite ends of the country, Kiyomi and Lauren struggle with their post-Dinah separation. Amanda announces an impromptu visit to New York and reaches out to Kiyomi while she is in town. Kacy and Cori emotionally prepare for their first insemination since losing Charlie. As the couple readies themselves for the roller coaster process, they make a comforting discovery. Meanwhile, Romi embarks on a new career path as a musician, but following her dream could mean a business collaboration with an ex. And just when things were looking so solid with Kelsey!

308. Premonitions

Aug 30, 2012
With one month to go before the wedding, Whitney is feeling the pressure over the decor, invitations and logistics galore. Sara, on the other hand, is floating along, causing tensions to rise and eventually combust when a certain someone tries to take over the planning. Somer finds herself in the middle of a Hunter Valentine ambush, causing her and Donna to revisit the idea of putting aside her music career for a baby crib and diapers. Lauren packs her bags and jets off to New York to find out if her infatuation with Kiyomi is more than just a Dinah romance. It's time for Romi's music video shoot with Dusty, but Kelsey's discomfort and rising suspicions cause her to storm out in the middle of filming. Charlie's original due date is upon them, and Cori and Kacy seek help from a therapist. While it's a bittersweet sorrow to watch them say goodbye to Charlie one last time, they are greeted with a surprise the next morning that sends their smiles soaring. Franny invites Khristianne and some of the girls over for dinner and reveals that she wants to come out to her traditional Japanese mother. The girls encourage Franny to take the plunge, but it's not that easy. Japanese culture demands conformity; discussion of sexuality is taboo. And no matter how much Franny craves an open relationship with her parents, the thought of shaming them terrifies her all the more.

309. Perfect Day

Sep 6, 2012
Picking up a month later, love is in the air for The Real L Word ladies as season three comes to a conclusion. With Hunter Valentine's tour schedule picking up, the band wastes no time in auditioning a replacement for Somer. Lauren debates tagging along with them on tour, which makes Kiyomi very nervous. Kelsey's premonitions have come true: Romi and Dusty have taken their professional partnership to the next level -could Romi's lifelong search for love be coming to an end? Kacy and Cori find themselves at a crossroads and make a crucial decision regarding their future as parents. Whitney and Sara are mere days away from their big California wedding, but nerves, anticipation and disapproval all play a part as the girls tackle the biggest challenge of their relationship so far.. getting to the altar.


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