Season 1

Season 1

1. No More Good Days

Sep 24, 2009
The world's population sees their future due to a mysterious global event.

2. White to Play

Oct 1, 2009
Olivia runs into the man from her vision.

3. 137 Sekunden

Oct 8, 2009
An imprisoned Nazi claims to have knowledge about the blackouts.

4. Black Swan

Oct 15, 2009
Mark thinks Demetri is letting his fear take over his life.

5. Gimme Some Truth

Oct 22, 2009
Olivia receives an anonymous message.

6. Scary Monsters and Super Creeps

Oct 29, 2009
Demetri and Gough track down a clue from Mark's.

7. The Gift

Nov 5, 2009
Aaron gets a surprise visit from a former Army pal of his late daughter.

8. Playing Cards With Coyote

Nov 12, 2009
Aaron learns the truth about his daughter's accident.

9. Believe

Nov 19, 2009
Bryce searches for the woman in his flash forward.

10. A561984

Dec 3, 2009
Demetri and Mark disregard Wedeck's orders.

11. Revelation Zero, Part 1

Mar 18, 2010
Demetri reluctantly teams with CIA agent Vogel to search for Lloyd.

12. Revelation Zero, Part 2

Mar 18, 2010
Demetri reluctantly teams with CIA agent Vogel to search for Lloyd.

13. Blowback

Mar 25, 2010
Aaron tries to figure out why a black-ops unit is looking for his daughter.

14. Better Angels

Apr 1, 2010
Demetri, Janis, Simon and Vogel go to Somalia to search for clues.

15. Queen Sacrifice

Apr 8, 2010
Mark and Vogel execute a plan to uncover the identity of the mole.

16. Let No Man Put Asunder

Apr 15, 2010
Demetri puts a rush on his wedding plans.

17. The Garden of Forking Paths

Apr 22, 2010
Mark and his team search for Demetri.

18. Goodbye Yellow Brick Road

Apr 29, 2010
Olivia receives disturbing news from Gabriel.

19. Course Correction

May 6, 2010
Demetri and Banks try to track down a killer.

20. The Negotiation

May 13, 2010
Mark does everything in his power to protect Gabriel.

21. The Countdown

May 20, 2010
Mark continues his interrogation of Hellinger.

22. Future Shock

May 27, 2010
Mark uncovers the date of the next blackout.


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