L.A. Hair
Season 2

Season 2

1. The Nail Biter

Jun 6, 2013
Kim opens up a new salon, but is undecided whether Angela will return. China is demoted and Kim's sister takes over as manager. Kim hires a celebrity nail stylist who wreaks havoc the minute she steps foot in the salon.

2. Demotion Commotion

Jun 13, 2013
Kim styles a former singer from Destiny's Child and gives Angela a second chance. China and Angela face-off at the salon. Naja and Leah nearly come to blows.

3. What Happens in Vegas

Jun 20, 2013
A salon contest has an unexpected outcome. Kim and team go to Vegas, to style Syleena Johnson, Lil' Mama and Fantasia. After hours, Naja seduces Dontay.

4. VIP Blow Out

Jun 27, 2013
Kim styles Faith Evans, but is frustrated because her VIP suite isn't ready. Kim loses her patience with Leah. Rumors spread about Dontay and Naja. After cocktailing, Angela attacks China during her pedicure with Naja.

5. Hater from Decatur

Jul 4, 2013
Dontay fakes a major injury to ditch out on a client. The stylists revolt after Leah forces them to wear smocks. Debbie Allen, Melanie Amaro and Jessica Clark are styled. Anthony gets promoted. Kim's Fendi chair finally arrives.

6. Don't Mess with My Mama

Jul 11, 2013
Dontay throws a party and invites China and Naja against Angela's wishes. Kim styles hair for the Kevan Hall fashion show. Terry styles Kyla Pratt. Anthony insults Jas behind her back and invokes the wrath of the Kimbles.

7. Career Suicide

Jul 18, 2013
Kim demotes a recalcitrant Anthony to assistant as punishment for disrespecting her mother and must decide whether she will fire him. Fed up with waiting for Leah to complete her mani-pedi station, Naja explodes.

8. She Wet the Wig

Jul 25, 2013
China is kicked out of a photo shoot with Vivica Fox after she gives the actress attitude. China retaliates in a career ending move. Kim styles Somaya Reece and hires a sexy new receptionist.

9. Drinking and Weaving

Aug 1, 2013
Kim styles actress/singer Somaya Reece. Naja and China fight over her failed shoot with Vivica Fox. Leah erupts when Anthony, Angela and Dontay wreak havoc in the salon after a liquid lunch.

10. Bringing Sexy Back

Aug 8, 2013
Kim styles Michelle Williams for her latest album cover. Angela bails on the salon without notice to go to Thailand for a week. Kim and Leah fight over a photo-shoot for Kim's new shower cap and bonnet line.

11. You're Fired

Aug 15, 2013
Kim does a favor for Chaka Khan. Angela returns from Thailand and faces an angry Kim. A shocking decision rocks the salon.

12. L.A. Hair Confidential

Aug 22, 2013
Kim pulls back the curtain on Season 2, highlighting its ups, downs. She reveals never before seen footage and what happened after Angela got fired. Kim also reveals her styling secrets to having red carpet-worthy hair.


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